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For information on the canon immortal characters of the Highlander universe, click on the name of the character you are interested in.

Highlander Movies

Highlander (the original movie)
Connor MacLeod is the Highlander, a 16th century Scottish warrior, the noblest of the immortals. Ramirez--the Spanish peacock--showed him his destiny and taught him swordplay. Heather loved him. But the Kurgan sought them out in MacLeod's wild homeland, and dealt Ramirez the only death an immortal can suffer--decapitation. Now the immortals are gathering. Seven lifetimes later in modern New York, the last of the immortals face the final contest. One of them will receive the Prize they have awaited since the dawn of history. The others must perish. The Kurgan is strong--with the strength of total evil. Finally, only MacLeod has the power to destroy him--and save the Earth from an era of chaos and darkness.
Connor MacLeod, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, Kurgan, Sunda Kastagir, Iman Fasil, *Yung Dol Kim, *Osta Vasilek
*Not in final cut of film.
Highlander II (The Quickening, The Renegade Version)
It is the year 2024 and the earth is a hothouse nightmare, protected from the sun's burning rays by the shield, a device created by Connor MacLeod, the Highlander. Mortal and nearing the end of his life, MacLeod is suddenly regenerated as an immortal when an old enemy from the past, General Katana, sends two other immortals to kill him. MacLeod realizes he needs an old friend to help him, and calls upon the spirit of his old mentor Ramirez to help him save the earth from Katana.
Connor MacLeod, Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez, General Katana, Reno, Corda
Highlander III (Final Dimension, The Sorceror)
Following the death of his beloved Heather, Connor MacLeod had traveled to Japan to learn from the immortal Nakano. While there, he saw Nakano beheaded by the evil immortal Kane, who is trapped in the cave when the quickening released brings down the mountain. In the present, MacLeod is living a quiet life when he realizes that Kane and his followers have been released from the cave. He must prepare himself to once more join the game or all mankind may suffer at the hands of the evil sorceror. 
Nakano, Kane, Pierre Bouchet, Khubal Khan, Sengei Khan, *Thomas Cavanaugh
*Not in final cut of film.
Highlander: Endgame
Immortal Highlander Connor MacLeod is devastated by the sudden death of his adopted daughter and friend, Rachel Ellenstein. He vanishes. Ten years later, his kinsman Duncan MacLeod seeks information about him from fellow immortal Methos. Soon Duncan comes face-to-face with one of Connor's old enemies, the priest Jacob Kell, the most powerful immortal alive. It will take the power of both Highlanders to stop Kell and his companions from their plan of world domination. 
Connor MacLeod, Duncan MacLeod, Methos, Jacob Kell, Catherine Mary "Kate/Faith" Devaney, Jin Ke, Cracker Bob, Winston, Manny, Carlos
Highlander: Vengeance (anime)
Colin MacLeod, the immortal Scottish Highlander, travels with the wise-cracking ghost Amergan in search of the immortal despot Marcus Octavius, who killed Colin's lover on the Celtic plains centuries earlier. The once great city of New York is now submerged under water, with only one dominant fortress towering over the sea, the fortress of Marcus Octavius. MacLeod is torn between saving the survivors of New York and hunting down his nemesis.

Colin MacLeod, Marcus Octavius, Kyala, Malike
Highlander: The Source
The world is falling into chaos. As he roams a crumbling city, Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander, remembers happier times before the love of his life left... Hopeless and alone, MacLeod finds his way to a band of immortal companions, including his mysterious friend Methos, and a mortal, Watcher Joe Dawson. Together this small group sets out on a quest to find the origin of the first Immortal and The Source of their immortality.

 Duncan MacLeod, Methos, The Guardian, Richie Weller, Zai, The Abbot/Elder, Cardinal Giovanni

The stars of the two series

Highlander: The Series
Inspired by the original film, this series follows the adventures of Duncan MacLeod, younger kinsman and student of movie immortal Connor MacLeod. Through six seasons of episodes, follow Duncan and his immortal friends Richie Ryan, Amanda, Hugh Fitzcairn, and Methos as they face other immortals in combat.
Duncan MacLeodRichie Ryan, Slan Quince, Kiem Sun, Lucas Desiree, Howard Crowley, Felicia Martins, Carl Devereux, Carl, Caleb Cole, Alexi Voshin, Walter Reinhardt, Marcus Korolus, Andrew Ballin, Darius, Grayson, Christophe Kuyler, Xavier St. Cloud, Ursa, Grace Chandel, Amanda, Carlo Sendaro, Zachary Blaine, Gabriel Piton, Alfred Cahill, Everett Bellian, Charles Browning, Hugh Fitzcairn 
Gregor Powers, Michael Moore, James Vincent, Annie Devlin, Carl Robinson, Anthony Gallen,  Thomas Sullivan, Mako, Jason Talbot, Anton Legris, Michel de Bourgoyne, Nicholas Ward, Artur Drakov, Nefertiri, Marcus Constantine, Rebecca Horne, Luther, Hengist the Saxon, Martin Hyde, Pierre Segur
Michael Kent, Kern, Paul Karros, John Durgan, Michelle Webster, Axel Whittaker, Sharon Collins, Brian Cullen, Zoltan Laszlo, Kenny, Frank Brody, Dallmon Ross, Sean Zale, David Keogh, John Garrick, Lymon Kurlow, Peter Matlin, Benny Carbassa, May-Ling Shen, Michael Christian, Kage, Antonius Kalas, Paul, Timon, Methos, Ceirdwyn, Ivan Kristov, Ernst Daimler, Lucas Kagen, Richard Tarsis, Hamza el Kahir, Auberon
Kanwulf, Andrew Cord, Mikey Bellow, Tyler King, Alan Wells, Peter Kanis, David Coleman, Kit O'Brady, Terence Kinkaid, Colonel Simon Killian, Paul Kinman, Kamir, Kristin Gilles, Claudia Jardine, Walter Graham, Jim Coltec, Bryce Korland, Harry Kant, Sean Burns, Muhammed ibn Kassim, Danny Cimoli, Damon Case, Jean-Philippe de LaFaye III, Vrej Ratavoussian,Warren Cochrane, Andrew Donnelly, Morgan D'Estaing, Robert & Gina de Valicourt, Caroline Mortimer, Jacob & Irena Galati
Cassandra, Roland Kantos, Haresh Clay, Graham Ashe, Carter Wellan, Matthew McCormick, Myron Corman, Johnny Kelly, Terence Coventry, Cory Raines, Alec Hill, Gerard Kragen, Gavriel Larca, Derek Worth, Luke Sarsfield, Enrique Grimaldi, The Messenger, William Everett Culbraith, Ingrid Henning, Kronos, Caspian, Silas,Otavio Consone, Bernard Crimmons, Steven Keane, Byron, Hans Kershner, Timothy of Gilliam
Alex Raven, Gerard LeRoi, Willie Kingsley, Kyra, Milos Vladic, Devon Marek, Katya, Reagan Cole, Katherine, Bartholomew, Morgan Walker, Liam O'Rourke
Highlander: The Raven
A spin-off of the original series, this show focuses on the adventures of the immortal thief Amanda, who is over 1100 years old. She teams up with cop Nick Wolfe to fight evil... immortal and otherwise.
Nick Wolfe, Basil Morgan, Liam Riley, Mario Cordoza, Morgan Kenworthy, Jade, Jeremy Dexter, Evan Peyton, Julian Heller, Wilson Geary, Talia Bauer, Sean Bates, Brynn Steele, Dieter Thias, Marco Becker, John Ray Fielding, Frank Brennan, Stefan Collier, Liam Riley's pre-immortal student, Andre Korda, Krista, Raphael
The New Watcher Chronicles
This is an interactive database on cd-rom that contains profiles of all the original series immortals, their Watchers, and the mortals who interacted with them. It contains some Watcher entries on immortal activities throughout the centuriesm but does not contain film immortals or immortals from The Raven.
(The following immortals were mentioned in the series and have chronicles, but were not seen on screen.)
Marcus Aediles, Keith Boyer, Andrew Caspis, Peter Gaicus, Lawrence Gaspar, William Grenville, Peter Hale, Iron Horse, Titus Marconis, Sarah McLaughlin, Okajutin, Cassius Polonius, Connie Richland, Cordelia Stanton,  Damian Thackery,  Jackson Trent, Henri Valjean
(The following immortals were mentioned either in the series or in other chronicle entries, but there is little information on them and they do not have a page entry.)
Herbert Gris, Gilgamesh, Raan, Aganesthes of Tiryns, Aegilaus, Flavius Sulla, Mantinea of Pylus, Carpus Cornelius, Obelix the Gaul, Julius Scipio, Ahasuerus the Parthian, Gaius Septimus, Sanjiv Gupta, Cassius Marius, Odolff, Salim Ubadah, Sudala, Clovis, Bertric, Ailell of Kells, Yau Chuan Chou, Hubba, Leofric, Seamus of Athlone, Thanos of Athens, Matshiro Kanagawa, Henri St. Cloud, Henry Fitzmartin, Rosamont of Kent, Morgan Jones, Thomas of Manchester, William Nichol, Jacques Montpellier, Benedict of Markenfield Hall, Robert of Locksley, Charles of Strasbourg, Imre Horvath, Kevin Draper, Judson Rand, Pascal Chaussende, Roland de Brabant, Jose Maria, Monarrez, Angus McFadden, Nell Fagin, John Frederick Horrigan, Zoran Jancovic, Javier Valdez, Uv Bukhar, Richard Mosby, Albert Munte, Raymond Tibbits, Bjorn Gustavson, Angelo Quattrochi, Stenka Bulavin, Ygor Pasternak, Erno Jocszak, Alicia Mackenzie, Belva Silvestri, Stein Myrstad, Fritz Kriegle, Sigmund Muehlthausen, Goodman Fletcher, Denis Vachon, Pierre Bedard, Vahid Razi, Anatoly Kazansky, John Stoppard, Felix Lester, The Great Drucilla, Mabel Stanley, Werner Tannen, Luke Monroe, Thomas Morehead, Rory Calhoun, Roger Quinn, Osaga, Gustav Erlander, Ashley Wilkinson, James Darling, Patrick Stanze, Carlo Baldoni, Friedrich Mandel baum, George Walters, Christopher Claremont, Harry Hogan, Robert Gould, Patrick Lynch, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, Robert Orin, Hugh O'Neill, Buster Krebbs, Sarah Mae Bristol, Orville Webber, Jean Sebastian, Cassie Lothrop, Maurice de Young, Wayne Guthrie, Vincent Margolies, Gianni Fabiano, Gloria Palkovic, Lisa Madison, Artemis Lowe, Rick Meyers, Zhang Shi, Blake Wilmington 
Highlander: The Animated Series
Seven centuries after a meteorite destroyed almost everything the human race had built,  the world is dominated by Kortan, an evil immortal. The other surviving immortals, called Jettators, have banded together to preserve the knowledge lost to humanity. Ramirez, the oldest and noblest of these immortals, has long waited the arrival of a hero who is foretold to defeat Kortan. Finally, he has come. His name is Quentin MacLeod. He is... the Highlander.
Quentin MacLeod, Kortan, Airal, Brana, Cornell, Frederickson, Ilrick, Lancelay, Mangus, Olack, Orane, Prometheus, Don Vincente Mario Ramirez, Saheavy, Shepherd, Volto, Yoshoda
The Methos Chronicles (flash animated series)
Long ago Methos was the student and protege of the Pharaoh Djer. Rather than give him a quick and easy death, Methos chose to entomb him in a sarcophagus. Now, the sarcophagus has been found, and Methos is ready to do what he couldn't do four thousand years ago.

The Highlander Novels

The first book was a novelization of the first film and is notable for some of the information it adds to the background of the immortals.

The remaining nine novels focus on the adventures of series hero, Duncan MacLeod. They also feature Richie Ryan, Amanda, Methos, Darius and Joe Dawson in supporting roles. Other immortals from the series are also featured in some of the books.

Connor MacLeod, Duncan MacLeod, Khordas, Nerissa, Amber Lynn, Lauren (Gale), Gabriela Sevedra (Element of Fire)
Duncan MacLeod, Hugh Fitzcairn, Amanda, Kit O'Brady, Danny O'Donal, Jack Faust (White Silence)
Duncan MacLeod, Marcus Constantine, Avram Mordecai (Zealot)
Duncan MacLeod, Darius, Grayson, Callestina, Emrys, Violane Armand (Shadow of Obsession)
Duncan MacLeod, Niccolo Machiavelli (Measure of a Man)
Duncan MacLeod, Methos, Khyan (The Captive Soul)
Duncan MacLeod (The Path)
Duncan MacLeod, Hamza el Kahir, Xavier St. Cloud, al'Zafir ibn Muhannad, Aziz Bey, Tarif , Enver al'Ghazir, Solomon ben Judah, Abdullah Mirza (Scimitar)
Duncan MacLeod, Annie Devlin, James Douglas (Scotland the Brave)
Duncan MacLeod, Darius, Jean-Claude Rombert (Unpublished excerpt from Barriacades)

In 2000, a short story anthology by members of the cast and crew was published. A majority of the stories featured or centered on Methos. others dealt with numerous others of the cast and with someinteresting new ones.

Philippe Canella, Elijah, Menahem, a woman, an immortal, Joseph, an immortal, Abraham, Joshua, Sun Tzu, an immortal, hockey player,  Vlad Tepes, an infant (Evening at Joe's)
Highlander (the comic book) by Dynamite Comics
written by Brandon Jerwa
Issues #0 though #4 are set in April 1986, not long after the events of the first film, and follow the adventures of Connor MacLeod as he strives to deal with the fallout of his killing of the Kurgan. When a former KGB agent and immortal sees the tattoos on a captured suspect, she contacts Connor MacLeod to finish dealing with a cult of "super-soldiers" they thought they had stopped in January 1964.
Issues #5 through #9, set in January-February 1987, deal with Connor facing Brenda's mortality with the help of his kinsman Duncan MacLeod. Later Connor realizes he is facing a personal battle as the quickening of the Kurgan begins to haunt him. At the same time, an immortal kidnaps him, hoping to turn him evil and have him kill Duncan.
Connor MacLeod, Duncan MacLeod, Catherine Curtis, Catherine's male friend, Gordon Byrne, Master Kintaro, Kameke Minoto, Sunda Kastagir, Hugh Fitzcairn
Issues #10-12 are set post-Endgame in 2012 and involve Duncan MacLeod, Methos , Amanda, Ceirdwyn, and Joe Dawson in a tale of an immortal fight club.
Nibilia, unnamed French immortal
Highlander: Way of the Sword
(four issue mini-series comic by Dynamite
Written by J. T. Krul
Set primarily in 1966 with flashbacks to earlier events, which tell the journey of the Masamune, this story tells of a period of time from 1804 until 1966 wherein Connor MacLeod lost the Ramirez' Masamune sword and his long quest to recover it. Since Connor used the sword in the 1964 flashbacks set in issues 1-4 of the main series, this is an AU from that one.
Connor MacLeod, the Kurgan, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, Guerin Billaud, Francesco, Sunda Kastagir, Toshiro Nakayata, Amika

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.