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Heart of Darkness

Feel free to stop by any of the following links to read all of my Highlander inspired fiction. Please be certain to leave comments about what you like and don't like on those sites. You may also check out my Author's Profile page at: http://www.fanfiction.net/~ellenora and email me at the address found there with comments about this site.
The following list of stories is in alphabetical order, and are not the order in which they were written or, in some cases, should be read. Please see "The Eleanor Saga" near the bottom of this page for the correct order of the stories in that cycle.



A Grim Tale: Headless in New York  
A writer interviews two witnesses in the small town of Sleepy Hollow about the killings perpetrated by a headless horseman. Apologies to Washington Irving.

A Highlander Carol 
What would happen today if an immortal tried to spread Christmas cheer ala Dickens? for fans of Cory Raines. 

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine
Sequel to Crossroads of Time! Three hundred years after saying goodbye... Methos and Aella meet... and the template for their future relationship is set... Let the games begin!

A Place to Call Home  
A Diana Hamilton story. With three decades of immortal life under her belt, Diana Hamilton thinks she's ready for anything. Anything that is, but the plans of James Horton and Xavier St. Cloud.

A Pirate's Life for Me
A Highlander Fable! Bon vivant Hugh Fitzcairn finds himself aboard a pirate vessel during the heyday of piracy in the Caribbean, and hilarity ensues!

A Soldier's Tale 
The Watchers finally have access to Phillip, the Swordmaster of Alexander the Great. Now, they want to know his story. So why is this legendary storyteller and old soldier so reluctant to tell the tale?

All Hallows Eve 
Hugh Fitzcairn has an appointment one All Hallows Eve night... one he doesn't want to be late for.

And the Seas Shall Claim Them
Hugh Fitzcairn tells Duncan MacLeod a ghost story.

Benath a Double Son * New*
On Zeist, life for immortals is never easy. A Kali the Dancer story.

Child's Play
Immortal problem child Kenny meets up with three ghosts who offer him a deal!

Crossroads of Time
On a visit to the 9th century court of Scotland's first king, Methos meets a pre-immortal who stirs within him memories of his childhood, and the ancient immortal known as Aja.

Darius' Dream
On the final night of his life, Darius has one last dream that foretells the future.

Even the Lowliest    *New*
Avram endured the taunts of the other boys and their calling him "Stickboy" but he knew the boys had no idea how imprtant his job was.

Fallen Embers 
Aja faces an uncertain future after the death of her people and the loss of her mate and brother.

For the Least of My Children *New*
Rebecca Horne takes in a strange immortal one snowy Christmas Eve.

Forever Highlander 
A crossover with the series Forever Knight. On a trip to Toronto, Duncan lands in Natalie Lambert's morgue, where he revives before her eyes.

Fun and Games 
In June 1952, Connor and Rachel spend a day at Coney Island... a day that goes horribly wrong.

Game, Set, and Match  An on-going reinterpretation of the series.
In a far-off future, Duncan MacLeod wins the game. But the prize is something he never envisioned.

Ghost of a Chance
Duncan MacLeod
meets an unusual immortal one Halloween night. A bit of PC silliness for a contest.

Haiku for Shakiko
"... I've had three wives. The last was Shakiko, a Japanese princess. Her father, Masamune, was a genius. He made this for me. That was in five-nine-three B.C. It's the only one of its kind... Like his daughter." ~Ramirez recalls his life with Shakiko.

Hope Springs Eternal
Faced with burying Tessa in Paris, Duncan finds himself bereft, and meets a most unusual mourner. Set in Season Two.

In Odin's Name  *Rated Mature for Graphic Violence*
Immortal Kanwulf believes that he is the son of Odin, and he plans to wreak havoc and murder up and down the coast of Britain... no matter what anyone says. Written for a contest.

Lost in the Shadows
A female immortal is killing male immortals in Paris. Duncan must solve the puzzle before he's next on her list.

M is for Murder
Washington Territory--1882 Someone has killed the town doctor. Duncan MacLeod and his friend Tim Ramsey sift through the clues to discover who did it... before the killer strikes again.

Marking Time
Seattle, New Years Eve 1899 Methos is so old, he only really takes stock of and celebrates birthdays once every hundred years. Written for a contest.

No Place to Run, Nowhere to Hide
Caleb Dawes had heard about immortals from his grandpappy. But never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd meet one. A Diana Hamilton story.

No Room at the Bar
After hours at Joe's on Christmas Eve, Duncan and Joe Dawson want Methos to tell them about the first Christmas... but the gap between perception and truth is a little wider than they imagine.

Please Remember Me
Both a sequel to and a prequel of Stolen Child, this story chronicles the eight hundred year relationship of Darius and Eleanor.

Red Roses for a Blue Lady *New*
Rachel Ellenstein ponders live alone in New York City after Connor leaves for Scotland. A Sequel to the 1985 film.

Roses in Memory
 is captured by the Roman commander who slaughtered her people, Marcus Constantine. Written for a story contest.

Sex and the Highlander
A crossover with Sex and the City. What happens when a certain Highlander overhears the delightful chat of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte?

Stille Nacht 
During Wold War I, when Christmas arrived at the front, something miraculous happened. Based on historical events.

Stolen Child
Duncan MacLeod meets ten year old Derrick, a pre-immortal living on the streets with his "sister" Ellie, an immortal who appears to be very young and very inexperienced. But is she? And why does Derrick evoke in Duncan memories of Darius.

Sword of Power
A series of stories concerning the Sword of Power... Excalibur... and the immortals whose lives it has touched... among them Methos... and Darius.

The Artist's Loving Hand
Sequel to The Shattered Soul. As Methos and Eleanor retreat to Scotland to raise Derrick, Duncan MacLeod finds his hands full with an increasingly strong-willed Alisaunne. And in the shadows someone is hunting immortals.

The Bargain of Fergus McCurdy
In ninth century Scotland, a man who has lost his only child, makes a bargain with a mysterious woman for a child who will never die. Prequel to Crossroads of Time.

The Best Things in Life
Methos apprises his belongings and what's really important in life, while dealing with an immortal he really doesn't want to behead. At least not just yet. A short bit of silliness.

The Perfect Evening 
On Valentine's Day a man prepares for the perfect evening with the object of his affection. But there is more about her than he suspects. An homage to Stephen King.

The Pilgrim Heart
The first of a trilogy of Highlander novels exploring the past and future of immortals. Duncan and Methos become involved once more in the lives of young Derrick and the mysterious Ellie.

The Shattered Soul
Sequel to The Pilgrim Heart. In Paris Duncan and Methos search for Darius' last student as a mysterious immortal begins killing mortals and immortals alike. On the road, Phillip considers contacting Cassandra to help the traumatized Derrick.

The Truthseekers
A crossover with The X-Files.
Shortly after Dana Scully and Fox Mulder become partners in the fall of 1993, they investigate a bizarre beheading murder in New Jersey.

They Call the Wind *New*
Following the events of
Revelation 6:8, Duncan deals with the aftermath in this short, haunting tale.

To Forge the Future 
The first in a new set of Highlander novels exploring the future of immortals and the purpose of the game. Twelve years after the events of The Artist's Loving Hand, the time for answers has arrived.

To History Lost
"Immortals are part of history", Methos once told Joe Dawson. Here's a story set in the early days of settlers in America... about a colony on Roanoke Island... and the immortals who were there.

To Reclaim the Past  
The second in a new series of Highlander novels. Duncan MacLeod continues his desperate search for the missing Kate Devaney, while on Niebos, events are in motion that will tear at the very fabric of all imortal lives.

Treasures on Earth   *New*  Now being Posted!
France 1244--Darius makes a desperate journey to prevent the catastrophe at Montsegur and to save the life of a friend. Eleanor, dressed as a boy, accompanies him.

Two Roads Diverged
Did the Kurgan know Darius? Originally written for the chain story Eternity of Darkness, these two flashback fragments explore a possible relationship between the Kurgan and Darius. 

Well of Souls
Amanda has a close encounter one long ago Halloween night.

While There is Breath *New*
AU of Comes Horseman featuring a still-living Alexa Bond

Who Wants to Live Forever
Paris 1840--Duncan MacLeod is falling in love with pre-immortal Abigail Martin. Uneasy about what he should do and how he should handle the situation, he turns to Darius for advice.

Whose Woods These Are
While on a fishing trip, Methos decides to tell Duncan about his ancient past and misdeeds... but something gets in the way. Set in Season Five before Comes a Horseman.


Note: The Eleanor Saga currently consists of the following stories listed in the order that they were written and in which they should be read: Stolen Child, The Bargain of Fergus McCurdy, Crossroads of Time, A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine, Please Remember Me, The Pilgrim Heart, The Shattered Soul, The Artist's Loving Hand, To Forge the Future, To Reclaim the Past , Marking Time, For the Least of My Children and Treasures on Earth. She is a minor character or is referred to in the stories A Pirate's Life for MeSword of Power, Lost in the Shadows, and Who Wants to Live Forever. The stories Fallen Embers and A Soldier's Tale are also set in that AU, but she does not appear as a character.

AU Stories: Stories set in an alternate reality from that of the Eleanor Saga. Child's Play,  While There is Breath, Beneath a Double Sun, No Place to Run, Nowhere to Hide, and A Place to Call Home.

Canon Stories: A variety of stories derived directly from the official canon and set in the official Universe with few if any original characters. And the Seas Shall Claim Them, Darius' Dream, Forever Highlander, Haiku for Shakiko, Hope Springs Eternal, No Room at the Bar, The Perfect Evening, Stille Nacht, To History Lost, Well of Souls, Red Roses for a Blue Lady and Whose Woods These Are.

Chain Stories: I've also been involved with several chain stories on the HLBB that readers might enjoy. These contain other original characters or sometimes an alternate version of Eleanor. consider them all AU's of both canon and my other ongoing series.

Eternity of Darkness *Complete*
When the Kurgan kills both of the MacLeods in 1985, Darius must try to gather the remaining immortals and create a resistance group that can finally defeat the Kurgan and prevent "an eternity of darkness" for all mankind.

Invincible *Ongoing*
When Luther
kills Duncan MacLeod and assembles the Methuselah Stone, he becomes invincible. Awakened in Sanctuary by his sense of Duncan's death, Connor MacLeod stuggles to regain fighting form and figure out just how to defeat an immortal who is "invincible".

Starcrossed *Complete*
When Eleanor visits Seacouver
to see her old lover Joe Dawson, she learns he is trying to begin a relationship with another immortal... an immortal who is in the target site of a sadistic and brutal immortal. Can she help with others to save Joe's new love? An alternate Eleanor.

The Weight of One's Heart *Complete*
Reunited with Methos,
Eleanor joins others on a quest to return the Egyptian goddess Amman to her home. Sequel to the AU story Starcrossed.

The Sands of Fate *Complete*
Problems on  a cruise,
and the subsequent race through Egypt to get Amman home. Sequel to The Weight of One's Heart.

Blood and Darkness *Ongoing*
What if vampires
and other supernatural beings populated the world of Highlander? How would they interact, especially if the mother of all vampires had finally learned how to turn immortals into vampires?

Choices *Complete*
For his bravery
and honor, Duncan MacLeod has the opportunity to bring back a few of his lost friends. Who does he choose and what happens to the world when the lines between life and death are bent. An alternate Eleanor.

Secrets of the Heart  *Complete*
A collaboration with two other writers. Sometimes the past is better left undiscovered. But for immortals, the past can never be forgotten and sometimes it comes back to haunt them. Another story in the AU of Starcrossed, Weight of One's Heart, and The Sands of Fate.

Thief of Hearts   *New*
A sequel to Secrets of the Heart.
The characters from Secrets of the Heart must band together to get Amanda out of trouble once again when she is accused of stealing the exquisite"Queen of Hearts" ruby and diamond necklace. A fun romp featuring Amanda, Duncan MacLeod and Hugh Fitzcairn.

To Sow in Anger  *Complete*
Written with two other writers, a challenge story that required us to take turns writing the twelve chapters and tell the story of what happens when Duncan MacLeod meets one of Methos' former students. A Kendall Crane story.

Highlander: The Soap Opera *Ongoing*
After arriving in Seacouver
, Kendall Crane
finds himself torn between the newly immortal Karen, and an old lover, Lysette. Complicating matters are two new friends and an old enemy who are also attacted to Karen. Well... it's a soap opera. No canon characters.


Coming Soon!! *

*Forgive me, real life and concerns have kept me from completing the following stories. I am still working on them, and promise to complete them. Thanks for all the emails and messages begging me to finish them.


The Legend of London Fitz  A Highlander Fable! Hugh Fitzcairn plans to score big in a pool tournament. But another immortal has other plans for the Englishman.

Another Time, Another Place   A Diana Hamilton story.


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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.