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Thomas Sullivan

"Sully"... the fighter

Thomas Sullivan This time-line is based on The New Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM and the episode The Fighter.

  • 1743 Thomas Sullivan is born in Kilkenny, Ireland. He grows up as a street urchin, learning to fight for scraps of food. Once grown, he becomes the Kilkenny Bare-knuckles champ, taking on all-comers.
  • 1788 While working as a prizefighter in Dublin, Ireland, Thomas Sullivan refuses to take a dive in a fight against the Dublin champion as instructed by the fight's promoter. The promoter has him murdered. Sullivan becomes immortal and is found by immortal Rory Colhoun, who becomes his teacher.
  • ca. 1790 Having finished his training, Sully takes the time to murder the fight promoter before taking ship to America, the land of opportunity.
  • 1891 In San Francisco, fast talker and one-time boxer Tommy Sullivan talks his friend Duncan MacLeod into a bare-knuckles match for money. Mac wins the match, but when the place is raided, the promoter claims he doesn't have to pay Tommy the $1000 prize money. Tommy kills the promoter and splits the money with Mac, who is unaware of what his friend has done to obtain their winnings.
  • ca. 1985-1993 Sully operates out of Clancy's Gym in St. Louis, MO where he trains young boxing talent. He believes strongly in the fairness of the game and often states that he's not a bad person and never killed anyone… who didn't deserve it. He sees the world in terms of black and white, and not in shades of gray. One is either innocent or guilty of a crime… there is no in-between.
  • Jan 1994 Sullivan goes on the road to Seacouver to show off his latest boxer, George, and to get his old friend Duncan MacLeod to finance the fighter in his bid for a championship. George trains some at Charlie's dojo. Tommy becomes enamored of Iris Lange, a waitress at a local sports bar and takes lessons from Charlie in how to woo her. When he is set up and sees George and Iris in a compromising embrace, he slugs his boxer and upon learning that a promoter named Coleman was using Iris to separate George from Sully… he kills Coleman. But when George also turns up dead, MacLeod feels he must kill his friend as he can no longer turn a blind eye to Sully's idea of justice.
  • 31 January 1994 Thomas Sullivan loses his last fight… and his head… to Duncan MacLeod.

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.