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Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod

DUNCAN MACLEOD--Compiled from statements in The Complete Watcher’s Guide by Maureen Russell and based on flashback events in Highlander: the Series and Endgame.

"Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years he’s been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy’s head and with it, his power. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander." ~Joe Dawson

The First Hundred Years

Glenfinnan, Scotland 1592: When Ian MacLeod's wife Mary gives birth to a still-born son, the midwife offers him an abandoned newborn in exchange. He substitutes the living child for his own wee son, and no man knew different. Duncan MacLeod was born on the winter solstice of that year, about December 21 or 22. (Family Tree)

Glenfinnan, Scotland 1606: Young Duncan MacLeod had heard of the Witch of Donan Woods, but he thought she was a fairy tale old men told to scare young boys until the day the "witch," immortal Cassandra, saved him from a wolf. Or did she? (Prophecy)

Glenfinnan, Scotland 1618: MacLeod is in love with the beautiful Debra Campbell, but she is betrothed to his cousin, Robert. The cousins are forced to battle when Robert, learning Debra loves Mac, challenges Mac. Against his will, Mac kills Robert. But the lovers are not to be; there is only further tragedy when Debra accidentally falls to her death. (Homeland)

Scottish Highlands October 2, 1622: Mac is killed in battle and becomes Immortal. His adoptive father, Ian MacLeod, fearing supernatural intervention, renounces Duncan. (Family Tree)

Glenfinnan, Scotland 1624: Mac returns home because he has learned that his village has been attacked and his father gravely wounded. Mac claims his father’s sword and goes after the Viking marauder Kanwulf. They meet and do battle, and Mac believes he has killed Kanwulf, as Mac is too newly Immortal to know that an Immortal must take his enemy’s head. (Homeland)

Scottish Highlands 1625: Mac meets a hermit who foretells Connor MacLeod’s arrival and Duncan’s destiny. The hermit explains that at the start of the current millennium he had defeated a great evil that comes into the world every thousand years. He prophesies that Mac will be the Champion for the next millennium. He then takes his own head with Mac’s sword, so that Mac will receive his first Quickening and grow strong to defeat the evil. (Archangel)

Scottish Highlands 1625--Following the battle of Glen Fruin Connor MacLeod finds Duncan in "that bloody bog". (Endgame) In the novel Element of Fire, he finds Duncan as he is attempting to drown himself.

Rural Scotland 1630: Mac meets Martin Hyde, but Hyde has no interest in the newborn Immortal, Hyde wants Connor. (Prodigal Son)

Ravenna, Italy 1631--Connor teaches Duncan an unstoppable move. (Endgame)

Scotland 1632-- Connor and Duncan have a brief run-in with Khordas, an immortal pirate, and his companion Nerissa. Duncan manages to kill Nerissa but Khordas escapes. Duncan leaves Connor to travel in Europe. (Element of Fire)

    Scotland 1634: Mac meets Devon Marek, son of a duke, as he lies fatally wounded. Marek dies and is reborn Immortal. However, the gentleman Marek is not interested in learning anything from the lowly MacLeod and is furious at losing his dukedom. (Black Tower)

    France 1634: Mac rescues the Immortal Ursa from persecution and leads him to sanctuary in an abbey. (The Beast Below)

    Verona, Italy September 11, 1635: Mac meets Amanda and her friend and teacher Rebecca Horne. When Amanda lifts Mac’s purse, he retrieves it and offers to pay for their drinks. (Legacy)

    Verona, Italy 1637: Mac meets the Immortal Hugh Fitzcairn. Mac works for the prince, protecting his beautiful and supposedly virtuous daughter, Arianna. But it seems Mac’s marital skills are no match for Fitz’s amorous skills. The prince demands Fitz’s head, but Mac demands his right to retribution and kills Fitz with his sword, thus saving his life. The two become friends for life. (Star-Crossed)

    Florence, Italy 1639: Mac and Hugh Fitzcairn are a duke’s bodyguards. (Hunters)

    France 1640: Mac meets the Immortal Kyra when as Queen Anne’s protector, she battles some of Cardinal Richelieu’s guards. Mac and Kyra end up sharing a room, a bed, and a heated discussion on the merits of a Scotsman’s weapon. (Patient Number 7)

    Mediterranean Sea-Algiers 1653: While a bodyguard for an Italian family traveling aboard ship, MacLeod fights off corsairs. He loses and is enslaved and sold in the markets in Algiers. Purchased by Hamza el Kahir, an immortal, MacLeod learns the language, culture and customs of the country. He and Hamza become close friends and Hamza teaches MacLeod additional skills with a scimitar. Later, MacLeod attempts to rescue the daughter of the family he'd served but learns that such a rescue is fruitless. (Scimitar)

    Algiers 1653: Xavier St. Cloud confronts Mac’s friend and mentor, Hamza el Kahir. Mac tries to intervene, but Xavier is not interested in the young MacLeod. Mac is surprised when Hamza decides to flee rather than fight. Mac refuses to leave, and Hamza is killed by Xavier. (Finale, Part II, Scimitar)

    Europe 1657: Immortals Carter Wellan and Haresh Clay find Mac’s mentor Graham Ashe and Mac practicing in a field. Clay challenges Ashe, who sends Mac to holy ground. They battle and Clay wins, but Ashe begs for his life. Clay takes his head while Duncan watches. Ashe was a teacher of Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez . (The End of Innocence)

    European monastery 1658: Mac takes sanctuary with the Immortal Paul in the monastery that he founded to provide refuge for solitude, peace and healing of the spirit. Mac meets Kalas, an Immortal with a heavenly singing voice. Kalas’ spirit does not match his voice and Mac discovers that he has been taking the heads of Immortals as they leave holy ground. Mac has Paul banish Kalas from his beloved monastery world and Kalas vows revenge. (Song of the Executioner)

    Normandy 1659-1660: After rescuing her from bandits, Mac becomes the Immortal Kristin’s protege and lover as she teaches him to become a gentleman. However, when she commissions his portrait, Mac falls in love with the painter, the lovely Louise Barton. When Mac tries to leave Kristin, she kills Louise and tries to take Mac’s head. (Chivalry)

    France 1660: Mac meets the Immortal Grace Chandel as she delivers a baby. (Saving Grace)

    Rural England 1663: Mac is in Walter Graham’s traveling Shakespeare troupe. (Timeless)

    English village 1665: Mac finds his old friend Immortal stonecutter John Garrick, about to be burned at the stake as a witch. Mac tries to defend his friend, but then he, too, is accused. Mac escapes, believing Garrick has as well. But unbeknownst to Mac, Garrick is recaptured and burned. (Shadows)

    Rural Scotland 1670: Mac is tutor and weapons master to a chieftain’s son. Mac beheads Michel de Bourgogne. (Unholy Alliance, Part I)

    1680: Mac first meets Kiem Sun and is with him when he first obtains the information about the kwanlo root and its properties. (The Road Not Taken)

    The Road to Culloden . . .

    Chateau de Valicourt 1696: Mac and Fitz vie for the hand of the beautiful Angelina. To test her suitors, she enlists their help in recovering stolen gold from Robert, Baron de Valicourt. However, Gina loses her heart to the daring Baron de Valicourt, and they are married. (Till Death)

    Paris 1700:. Martin Hyde kills Mac’s friend and mentor, the immortal Pierre Segur. Once again, Hyde is not interested in the young Immortal Mac. (Prodigal Son)

    England, the court of Queen Anne 1712:. Immortal Paul Kinman kills Mac’s friend Lord Dennis Keating, a mortal, in a duel after he promised Mac that he would not do so. Mac wants revenge, but promises Queen Anne he will not fight while she reigns. (Reluctant Heroes)

    Ireland 1712: Connor and Duncan save the pre-immortal Catherine Mary "Kate" Devaney from being held-up by bandits. (Endgame)

    Ireland 1715: As Duncan prepares to marry Kate... Connor tells him how the loss of Heather destroyed him. This causes Duncan to kill Kate on their wedding night to make her immortal. When Kate revives, she runs off into the night and holds a three hundred year grudge against Duncan.Their marriage is annulled the following day. (Endgame)

    London 1720: Mac is trying to steal the legendary throne of Scotland, the Stone of Scone, from Westminster Abbey for the Scots, at the same time that Fitz is trying to blow up the Abbey and King George, for the Catholics. Fitz and Mac debate who has the more valid case and finally decide to fight a duel on the field of honor, a golf course, to see whose plan they will attempt together. Unknown to Mac, Fitz cheats. They meet with immortal Bernie Crimmons, the king's headsman to obtain plans to the tower. (The Stone of Scone)

    London, Dover Road 1728: Mac protects fellow coach passengers from Immortal Walter Reinhardt’s thieving. (Revenge is Sweet)

    England 1730: Mac almost gets beheaded for poaching but is saved by Charles Browning, whom he must later behead. (Counterfeit, Part I)

    Eriskay Island, Scotland 1745: Mac and Warren Cochrane fight to free Scotland from English oppression and put Bonnie Prince Charlie on the throne. (Through A Glass Darkly)

    Scotland 1746: Cochrane is "killed" just prior to the Battle of Culloden. Mac goes on alone, but the Scots suffer a brutal defeat at the hands of the English at Culloden. (Through A Glass Darkly)

    Scotland 1746: After Culloden, Mac and Ceirdwyn aid Bonnie Prince Charlie in his Escape from Scotland. But Mac will not leave with his prince; he wants the English to pay. (Take Back the Night)

    England 1746: Mac goes on a killing spree against the English. Among his victims is Richard Dunbar, the Earl of Rosemont, the English Officer who ordered the destruction of the Scots. Mac kills the earl in front of his own son and the Immortal Steven Keane. (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

    Scotland 1746: Ceirdwyn finally convinces Mac that revenge is not the answer, even in the aftermath of the bloody Battle of Culloden. (Take Back the Night)

    Journey to the Far East and back again . . .

    Russia 1750: Mac shares the fire and food with Andre Kristov’s band of Cossacks. But when the Cossacks slaughter innocent farmers who are living in the czar’s land and burn their village, MacLeod intervenes. (Testimony)

    Constantinople, 1753. Amanda is masquerading as a dancing girl for the Sultan, but is arrested as a thief when she steals his jewels. Mac rescues her before the sentence to chop off her hands can be carried out. (Finale, Part II)

    North Africa 1755: Mac’s young friend Reza is to be executed. Mac makes a deal with Kassim, the Immortal prefect of the land: if Reza is allowed to escape, Mac promises Kassim he will owe him a favor for a favor, a life for a life. (Promises)

    India 1764: Mac is a liaison for the British Colonel Ramsey. At court, Mac meets the Immortal Kamir, who is a priest of the goddess Kali. While out riding, Mac comes upon a funeral and rescues the newly widowed Vashti before she can join her husband on his funeral pyre. Vashti and Mac become lovers, but she ultimately does what duty requires, and joins her husband in death. (The Wrath of Kali)

    South Pacific 1778: Mac is a ship’s pilot on Captain Kincaid’s mutinying ship. Mac saves Kincaid from a beheading, leaving him marooned on a deserted island, knowing that it won’t be his true death. (Reunion)

    Japan 1778: Mac is shipwrecked. He is befriended and aided by the samurai Hideo Koto. Before Hideo commits ritual suicide for the crime of harboring the barbarian MacLeod, Mac vows to Hideo that he will protect the Koto family for as long as he lives. In return, Hideo gives Mac the dragonhead katana that the Highlander uses to this day. (The Samurai)

    China 1780: Mac visits Kiem Sun on holy ground. The herbalist demonstrates a potion that he believes will create the perfect warrior to protect him, but it has deadly side effects. (The Road Not Taken)  *Note: During this meeting it is also mentioned that they had known one another for 100 years.

    Outer Mongolia 1780: Mac trains under Master May-Ling Shen. Eventually, Duncan and May-Ling become lovers. (They Also Serve)

    France 1783: Mac is bodyguard to the Baron Deshields, but Mac’s formidable skills are not enough to protect the Baron from the Immortal assassin Christophe Kuyler. (For Evil’s Sake)

    England 1785: Mac is consort to a duchess. There he meets the Immortal Peter Kanis and his dogs. (Leader of the Pack)

    England 1786: Mac fights Immortal Terence Coventry, then teams up with him against a thieving barmaid. (Dramatic License)

    Normandy 1786: Mac and Warren Cochrane meet with the aging Prince Charlie, who is now a drunkard, clearly unfit to lead men or to rule. (Through a Glass Darkly)

    Paris 1786: Mac and Immortal Gabriel Piton, a thief and womanizer, divert in a whorehouse. When a marchioness notices her missing pearls, Piton and Mac duel with the authorities. (Eye of the Beholder)

    English countryside 1795: Mac’s student Jean-Philippe is killed by Damon Case, who believes that Immortals’ ritual combat is his purpose for being, ordained by God. (The Immortal Cimoli)

    France 1796: Mac attends Robert and Gina de Valicourt's 100th wedding anniversary party and helps Gina and Fitz rescue Robert when he's about to be beheaded by French revolutionaries. (Till Death)

    England 1803: Piton robs a duchess who is a special friend of Mac’s. Mac and Piton duel, and Mac spares Piton’s life. (Eye of the Beholder)

    Bavaria 1804: Mac, living with Amanda, has just returned from Munich. Amanda leaves Mac when she runs off with jewels stolen from the Baron Holstein. (The Lady and the Tiger)

    England 1804:. Mac sees Alex Raven behead an unarmed opponent and take his quickening. (Sins of the Father)

    English Town 1805: Immortals Peter Matlin and Lyman Kurlow kill a young gentleman for his money. They frame Mac’s friend Johnny for the murder. Mac confesses and is hanged to save his friend. Mac challenges Kurlow, but Kurlow escapes. (Blackmail)

    France 1806: Lt. MacLeod leads British troops taking over the D’Estaing estate and meets Xavier again along with his new protege Morgan D’Estaing. (Double Jeopardy)

    Switzerland, 1810. Mac and renowned swordsman Brian Cullen are traveling when a mortal challenges Cullen. (Courage)

    French Battlefield 1814: Mac fights with a Highland regiment. Mac promises a dying French officer to pass on his signet ring to his son. (Unholy Alliance, Part II)

    France 1815:. Mac is with a Highland regiment. When a young man is erroneously executed, Mac is unable to stop the firing squad. (Nowhere to Run)

    Waterloo June 18, 1815: Mac meets the monk Darius on the battlefield. There Darius teaches Mac of the fragility of life and the fruitlessness of battle. (Band of Brothers)

    Paris Nov 1815: After Duncan finds young immortal prostitute Violane, he takes her to Darius for training. (Shadow of Obsession)

    Paris January 29, 1816: Unable to follow Darius example, Mac leaves for America. (Band of Brothers)

    Adventure and Tragedy in the New World . . .

    Fort Wolfe, Montana 1817: The evil Immortal John Durgan murders a priest and steals the Cross of St. Antoine. Mac vows to the dying priest that he will return the cross. (The Cross of St. Antoine)

    Philadelphia 1825: Mac acts as Immortal David Keogh’s second, when the former indentured servant asks Julia’s father for her hand in marriage. Julia rejects Keogh. (Obsession)

    Peru 1830:. MacLeod meets Immortal Gavriel Larca. Larca is living with the Moche, an aboriginal Peruvian people who worship "The Decapitator," a god who takes the heads of his enemies. Larca has allowed the Moche to believe he is a god. Larca sacrifices Mac’s guide, but the ritual blood sacrifice exposes the Moche to a fever, and the villagers turn on Larca. (Little Tin God)

    London 1833: MacLeod meets Immortal bounty hunter Reagan Cole when she first catches him, then frees him after realizing that his crime was dallying with a duke’s wife. (Deadly Exposure)

    London 1836: Mac witnesses a duel between Immortal Willie Kingsley and his former partner Smythe. (Diplomatic Immunity)

    Paris 1840: A worried Mac sees Grace Chandel off as she leaves for the Amazon with Carlos Sendaro. (Saving Grace)

    Paris 1840: Immortal Nicholas Ward kills the owners of a business he wants. Feeding on popular frenzy and not blood, he covers his killings by making it appear that a vampire is terrorizing Paris. Mac prevents Ward from marrying and then murdering the daughter of one of his victims, but Ward escapes. (The Vampire)

    Paris 1842: Duncan must kill young prostitute Violane. He asks for Darius' forgiveness. (Shadow of Obsession)

    Central Europe, Gypsy camp 1847: Mac is traveling with Immortal Gypsies Jacob and Irena Galati. When Irena is raped Jacob kills her attacker and is hanged for his crime. (One Minute to Midnight)

    Gypsy camp 1848: Gypsy Carmen reads Mac’s palm and tells him that he will never marry. (The Darkness)

    Paris1848: During the uprisings in Paris of that year, Darius counsels Duncan MacLeod who joins others on the barricades in their fight for justice. (Flashback said to be in the unpublished novel Barricades.)

    Dry River, Texa 1851--Duncan and Connor meet up with and help Sunda Kastagir deal with a troublesome quickening. (HLC#8)

    Madrid, Spain 1851: Immortal Otavio Consone is a master on the art of the sword. While he and Mac are friends in the art of the sword, they become rivals in the art of love. They both vie for the hand of the beautiful Theresa, but her father chooses the aristocratic Consone as the better match. Consone and Mac fight a duel, and Consone, and Consone bests MacLeod, but Theresa intervenes and agrees to marry Consone if he will spare Macleod. Mac objects, but Consone agrees. Mac leaves. (Duende)

    Madrid 1853: Mac returns to Theresa and discovers that Consone has killed her. (Duende)

    1853:  Duncan signs aboard the Rosemary captained by Connor MacLeod with his student Amber Lynn. The ship sinks in a storm after another run-in with Khordas. Khordas is accompanied by his new companion, Lauren. (Element of Fire)

    San Francisco 1854: Mac finds Brian Cullen in an opium den, scared and trying to forget the challengers waiting for him. (Courage)

    Virginia 1862: Mac helps slaves escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad. During a battle, he meets the young drummer boy, Sean, an Immortal. Sean asks for Mac’s protection, but Mac must help the runaway slaves. He leaves Sean in what he believes to be a safe place, but he returns to find the boy dead. (The Lamb)

    Tennessee 1863: During the Civil War, Mac is hanged as a prisoner of war, but is rescued by Immortal Confederate Captain Lucas Desiree. (Innocent Man)

    Andersonville, Georgia 1864: Mac is imprisoned in the hellish Southern POW camp run by Colonel William Culbraith. When Culbraith refuses to allow a surgeon to help the wounded Jeffrey, a runaway slave friend of Mac’s and Mac is forced to end his suffering, Mac vows revenge. (The Messenger)

    Annapolis, Maryland 1866:. Her fiance, Ned accidentally kills Mac’s mortal lover, Bess, when Mac and Ned fight. (Epitaph for Tommy)

    Mexican Revolution June 19, 1867: Mac and his fellow Immortal Paul Karros fight for Mexico and against Maximilian. (The Revolutionary)

    Aqua Dulce, Texas 1867: Mac and the Texas Rangers chase Melvin Koren and his Comancheros. (Comes a Horseman)

    McKewansville, Dakota Territory 1868: Mac saves the Native American Chaske from a slaver. when Mac takes him into town for medical treatment, Chaske kills the slaver and is, in turn, killed. (The Innocent)

    American Indian Encampment March 13, 1872: Mac’s adopted Lakota family, Little Deer and her son, Kahani, are killed and the people of their village are massacred by soldiers led by the Immortal scout, Kern. (Line of Fire)

    American West, 1872. Mac is filled with hate and a need for revenge. Mac meets the Immortal Coltec, who heals him. Coltec is a Hayoka, a Native American holy man who takes evil into himself to protect his people and bring peace. (Something Wicked)

    Holy Ground 1872-1882: Mac retreats from the world to a cabin on holy ground. Mac’s old friend, teacher, and clansman, Connor Macleod, finds Duncan and tries to convince him to rejoin the Battle on the side of Good. (The Gathering)

    Turn of the 20th Century Mac. . .

    Pacific Northwest 1882: Mac is running the town newspaper when the Immortal bounty hunter Mako comes to town. Mac does not approve of his methods, but Mako follows the letter of the law. (Under Color of Authority)

    Pacific Northwest 1882: Mac is in love with the beautiful Sarah and plans to marry her, but, unbeknownst to Mac, she is already married. When her husband arrives in town, Mac tries to get Sarah to run away with him, but she refuses. When her husband shoots him and Mac revives, Sarah rejects Mac, and he finally leaves. (Obsession)

    American West 1883: Mac helps his friend and former student Gregor Proust, a doctor, during a cholera epidemic. Gregor laments that no matter what he does, mortals still die. (Studies in Light)

    San Francisco 1886: The Immortal Gerard Kragen kills Immortal Alec Hill’s wife, Genevieve. Alec vows revenge and makes Mac swear that he will kill Kragen if Alec dies before he can. (Haunted)

    San Francisco 1888: Amanda wins the Double Eagle saloon from Immortal Kit O’Brady in a poker game while Mac bears witness. (Double Eagle)

    San Francisco 1888: Mac tries to convince a still grieving Alec to get on with his life, but he will not listen. (Haunted)

    Alaska Territory 1888-1889: Mac, Fitz and Fitz's student Danny O'Donal look for gold in Alaska. (White Silence)

    San Francisco 1891: Fast-talking Irishman and onetime boxer Tommy Sullivan talks Mac into fighting for money. Mac wins the fight, and Tommy gains $1, 000, which he collects by killing the opposing fighter’s manager. (The Fighter)

    Boston 1896: Mac encounters the Immortal Axel Whittaker and beautiful protege, Sharon. Mac soon discovers that Axel doesn’t train his pupils, but keeps them dependant on him, and when they are of no more use, he takes their heads. (Rite of Passage)

    Nantucket 1897: Connor and Duncan finally deal with Khordas and Lauren. During the adventure, Duncan is involved with Gabriela Savedra. (Element of Fire)

    New York City 1905: Gangsters kill Mac’s fruit-seller. (Revenge of the Sword)

    Cairo, December 1916: Macleod is serving with the British Army as a driver and messenger attached to the Arab Bureau and under the command of T. E. Lawrence. (Scimitar)

    France 1917: Mac is a World War I Red Cross ambulance driver when he encounters Xavier St. Cloud on the battlefield. Xavier uses mustard gas to kill those in the immediate area so that he can rob a payroll truck. Because Xavier is masked, MacLeod does not recognize him.  (For Tomorrow We Die)

    France 1917: Mac transports a shell-shocked soldier to Immortal Sean Burns’ hospital and watches in wonder as Burns uses the new study of psychology on some of the patients. (Deliverance)

    French battlefield, Armistice Day 1918: Red Cross worker Macleod witnesses Colonel Simon Killian sending his troops into battle after he knows the war has officially ended. At the colonel’s court-marshal, Mac testifies not only to the massacre but also to Killian’s mental instability, ensuring that the Immortal will be imprisoned for life rather than shot. (The Colonel)

    Ireland 1919: Mac and Annie Devlin escape an ambush, but Annie’s mortal lover is killed. (An Eye for an Eye)

    Soviet Union 1919: Mac saves the aristocratic and innocent Abernovs from the evil Immortal Artur Drakov by promising not to fight him. (Warmonger)

    Paris 1920: Mac encounters Kalas, now known as opera virtuoso Antonio Neri. When Kalas attempts to kill a young woman under Mac’s protection, Mac challenges Kalas, and they duel. Kalas escapes, but not before Mac inflicts a near beheading wound to the throat, destroying the singer’s vocal chords. (Methos)

    Pennsylvania mining town 1920: Mac’s friend Jessie, a mine owner’s son, is killed during a confrontation in a mine strike. (The Zone)

    Seacouver 1921: The evil Immortal Quentin Barnes stalks Mac’s old friend Michael Moore, and kills Moore’s wife. (Turnabout)

    Boston December 31, 1923: At a New Year’s Party, Mac celebrates with a friend. When their talk grows serious, Mac realizes he must leave her. She wants children, and, as an Immortal, Mac can never father a child. (Bless the Child)

    Seacouver 1925: Mac beheads Immortal serial killer Marcus Korolus. (See No Evil)

    Missouri 1926: Mac and Amanda quit the circus and while on the road meet smooth-talking Immortal Cory Raines as he robs an armored car. Raines then gives a part of the money to a poor family. Cory asks Amanda to join him, and they go on a five-state crime spree, robbing, faking death to get away, then having Mac, under protest, dig up Cory. (Money No Object)

    Louisiana 1926: Mac rescues Immortal Carl Robinson form a KKK lynch mob. (Run for Your Life)

    New York City 1929: Petty criminal Johnny Kelly is killed by the mob and becomes Immortal. Mac tries to train him, but he ignores Mac and goes off on his own. (Glory Days)

    England October 1929: Mac arrives at Fitzcairn Manor to help Fitz solve his own murder. (Unusual Suspects)

    The Modern Adventures . . .

    Paris 1930: Immortals Richard Tarsis and Lucas Kagan rob a bank where Mac is transacting business. When innocents are shot by Tarsis during the getaway, Mac finds and beheads Tarsis, but does not challenge Kagan because he was not a murderer. (Reasonable Doubt)

    Berlin 1935: British Intelligence Agent Mac discusses Hitler with Immortal Ingrid Henning. When two brownshirts beat their young Jewish friend David, Mac fights them, but Ingrid reminds Mac that he has accomplished nothing; there are always more. (The Valkyrie)

    Berlin 1936: Mac smuggles a scientist out of Germany with Amanda’s help. (Return of Amanda)

    Spanish Civil War 1937: Mac and the Immortal Kage are journalists covering the war. But Kage betrays Mac and has his friends shot for profit. (Blind Faith)

    Soviet Union 1938: Mac tries to smuggle out Jewish refugees, but is betrayed by the captain of the Sea Witch, Immortal Alexei Voshin. (The Sea Witch)

    Seacouver 1938: Mac meets petty gangster Immortal Benny Carbassa and falls under the spell of singer Peggy McCall at the Coconut Lounge. Benny tries to warn Mac that Joey and Sid Lankovski own the club and that Peggy is Joey’s girl. But Peggy dances with Mac to make Joey jealous. Sid wants Peggy, so he shoots and kills Macleod and his own brother. He then tells Peggy that the two men shot each other. (Vendetta)

    Seacouver 1938-39: Mac has an affair with photographer Linda Plager. (Studies in Light)

    London October 1940: Mac is trapped in the Underground during the Blitz with his lover, Diane Terrin. Ultimately, they run out of air, and Diane dies in his arms. (The Blitz)

    France 1943: Mac is with the French Resistance when the boy Bernard sees Mac die and then revive. Mac swears him to secrecy, but Bernard has his own wartime secret. He was involved with killing and trapping Ernst Daimler, a Nazi officer. (Mortal Sins)

    Berlin 1944: Mac, Ingrid and Colonel Stauffenburg discuss Operation Valkyrie, a German plot to assassinate Hitler. (The Valkyrie)

    Rastenburg, East Prussia on July 20, 1944: Mac plants a bomb in Hitler’s bunker, but it does not kill the dictator. (The Valkyrie)

    London 1946: Irish terrorists Liam O’Rourke and his mortal lover Tara, plant a bomb in an English pub that kills innocents. Mac stops them from escaping, and they are arrested, convicted and sentenced to life. (To Be)

    England 1950: Mac finally discovers Fitz’s chicanery in 1720. Mac, Amanda and Fitz break into Westminster Abbey and steal the Stone of Scone. Amanda is arrested by Scotland Yard for treason and makes a deal, turning over Fitz. Mac manages to finagle a pardon from Sir William Churchill, and returns a fake stone to the abbey while hiding the real stone at the Royal Highlands Golf Club. (The Stone of Scone)

    The American South on May 17, 1954: Mac defends Carl Robinson in a segregated diner on the day the Supreme Court declares that segregation is unconstitutional. (Run for Your Life)

    Greenwich Village, NY 1958: Coltec beheads Beat poet Bryce Korland, an evil Immortal Mac has been tracking. (Something Wicked)

    Paris1968: During the student barricades, Darius helps his friend Duncan MacLeod (currently teaching a class in journalism at a Paris University) in his attempts to teach his students and friends that war and violence are not the way to change society. They discover an immortal is helping to fan the flames of violence. (This is based on a brief description of the plot from the unpublished manuscript for the novel Barricades, which was to have been the tenth in the series of original Highlander novels.)

    Cambodia 1975: Kage refuses to help Mac rescue refugee children, who are then killed by the Khmer Rouge. (Blind Faith)

    France 1978: Mac and his lover Desiree win big at Baron LeMartin’s casino. However, they are robbed before they can enjoy their winnings. (The Ransom of Richard Redstone)

    Paris 1980: Mac escapes Kuyler and meets Tessa Noel by jumping into the Bateau Mouche, on which she was acting as a guide. (For Evil’s Sake)

    Paris 1983: Mac reveals his Immortality to Tessa. (Counterfeit, Part II)

    London January-February 1987-Duncan visits Connor and Brenda in New York and helps Connor deal with fallout from his killing of the Kurgan. He also rescues Connor from the clutches of Gordon Byrne. Duncan also meets up with Fitz.

    Seacouver December 31, 1988: Mac duels Walter Reinhardt, but Reinhardt escapes. (Revenge Is Sweet)

    Seacouver, 1992. Street kid Richie Ryan tries to rob Mac’s antique store, but the burglary is interrupted by the evil Immortal Slan Quince, who challenges Duncan. Roused from his peaceful life with Tessa, Duncan ultimately beheads Slan before his clansman Connor can. (The Gathering)

    (For events from 1992-1998 please see the Episode Guide .)

    Paris 2002--Duncan senses that something has happened to Connor. He meets with Methos in London and discovers that the missing Connor has been in Sanctuary for ten years, but that Sanctuary was recently destroyed. Duncan flies to New York to visit Connor's burned out Hudson Street property and is confronted by Jacob Kell and his posse of Jin Ke, Winston, Carlos, Manny, Cracker Bob, and Duncan's former wife Kate/Faith. Duncan is placed in Sanctuary when Kell's posse kill him and is rescued by Methos and Joe Dawson. After locating Connor, Duncan and Kate reconnect and duncan discovers he must face Kell alone. (Endgame)

    2006--Accoding to a comment in HLC#10, the last time Duncan saw Joe Dawson priot to those events.

    2012--In New York, MacLeod goes to see Methos in his penthouse apartment. Rather than inviting MacLeod up, they go for a walk and are challeneged by a mysterious female immortal. Duncan is retrieved by the Watchers and learns that someone is kidnapping immortals and forcing them to fight. He goes undercover to learn what is happening. (HLC#10)


    Note: This is a work in progress. The events from all the novels are not yet a part of this time-line.

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    In the end, all shall be one

    In the end, all shall be one.