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Season One
The Gathering, Family Tree, The Road Not Taken, An Innocent Man, Free Fall, Bad Day in Building A, Mountain Men, Deadly Medicine, The Sea Witch, Revenge is Sweet, See No Evil, Eyewitness, Band of Brothers, For Evil's Sake, For Tomorrow We Die, The Beast Below, Saving Grace, The Lady and the Tiger, Eye of the Beholder, Avenging Angel, Nowhere to Run, The Hunters
Season Two
The Watchers, Studies in Light, Turnabout, The Darkness, An Eye for an Eye, The Zone, The Return of Amanda, Revenge of the Sword, Run for Your Life, Epitaph for Tommy, The Fighter, Under Color of Authority, Bless the Child, Unholy Alliance, part 1, Unholy Alliance, part 2, The Vampire, Warmonger, Pharoah's Daughter, Legacy, Prodigal Son, Counterfeit, part 1, Counterfeit, part 2,
Season Three
The Samurai, Line of Fire, The Revolutionary, The Cross of St. Antoine, Rite of Passage, Courage, The Lamb, Obsession, Shadows, Blackmail, Vendetta, They Also Serve, Blind Faith, Song of the Executioner, Star-Crossed, Methos, Take Back the Night, Testimony, Mortal Sins, Reasonable Doubt, Finale, part 1, Finale, part 2
Season Four
Homeland, Brothers in Arms, The Innocent, Leader of the Pack, Double Eagle, Reunion, The Colonel, Reluctant Heroes, The Wrath of Kali, Chivalry, Timeless, The Blitz, Something Wicked, Deliverance, Promises, Methuselah's Gift, The Immortal Cimoli, Through a Glass Darkly, Double Jeopardy, Till Death, Judgement Day, One Minute to Midnight
Season Five
Prophecy, The End of Innocence, Manhunt, Glory Days, Dramatic License, Money No Object, Haunted, Little Tin God, The Messenger, The Valkyrie, Comes a Horseman, Revelation 6:8, The Ransom of Richard Redstone, Duende, The Stone of Scone, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, The Modern Prometheus, Archangel
Season Six
Avatar, Armageddon, Sins of the Father, Diplomatic Immunity, Patient Number 7, Black Tower, Unusual Suspects, Justice, Deadly Exposure, Two of Hearts, Indiscretions, To Be, Not To Be
Highlander: The Raven
Reborn, Full Disclosure, Bloodlines, Immunity, So Shall You Reap, Birthright, Crime and Punishment, The Unknown Soldier, Cloak and Dagger, Passion Play, The Devil You Know, A Matter of Time, The French Connection, The Rogue, Inferno, The Frame, Love and Death, Thick as Thieves, The Manipulator, The Ex-File, War and Peace, Dead on Arrival

Highlander: The Series and Highlander: The Raven

Based on the cult favorite 1986 film of the same name, Highlander: The Series and Highlander: The Raven were shown on American syndicated television between 1992 and 1999.
No episodes are currently being shown on American television, but all episodes are available on DVD sets that contain many options and behind-the-scenes extras. In addition, there are two collected sets. The Best of Highlander set is available on the website and contains thirteen episodes selected by cast and crew as representative of their best work. Highlander: The Ultimate Collection, available at the website and on the retail level, contains fifteen episodes voted as fan favorites. A new collection, Methos Rocks... Forever will be released this year and will contain new interviews with David Abramowitz and Peter Wingfield as well as Peter answering fan questions as Methos.

Sets can be purchased retail or from the Official Highlander Store.

Highlander:The Official Store

from the review and synopsis of
Comes a Horseman

I am Methos. You live to serve me.

From his initial appearance on Highlander as Methos… the world's oldest man, Peter Wingfield kept adding shades of meaning to his lines that made the writers think… "There is more here than meets the eye." PW has also gone on the record as saying even he didn't always know what Methos was implying… but that it seemed "right" for his character.

Well in this episode… writers, and actors, finally reveal something about Methos' dark past… and the clues and innuendoes about what one learns in 5000 years, or who should sit in judgment on the crimes of immortals… suddenly come into clear focus.

While joking around about "Adam's" appearance on a game show, DM and Methos feel the presence of another immortal. True to character, Methos takes a powder and DM goes looking for the immortal. He finds him and recalls meeting Melvin Koren in 1867 Texas when DM was a scout with the Texas Rangers and Koren was a Commanchero whose gang of thugs criss-crossed the territory sowing death and destruction where they went. DM attempted to take Koren's head… but failed and ultimately lost track of him. Now Koren is back… and DM wants him.

Pursuing him, DM finds instead immortal psychic, and former lover Cassandra ("The Prophecy") who has become, since last we met her, a harridan focused on killing the immortal who first killed her… the immortal for whom she has had an overwhelming hatred for 3000 years… the only surviving member of… "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

"His name is Kronos… and he was one of them!" she spits angrily

"The horsemen were myth!" DM tells her… but Cassandra disagrees and tells him the story of her life, her people, and her death.

Meanwhile, Methos finds himself with a knife in his chest as Melvin Koren/ aka Kronos locates him… with the words that will live in Highlander lore: "Greetings, Brother!" It seems that Methos was once Kronos' right-hand man… his master planner, his companion in murder, rape, and general mayhem.

"I grew out of my angry adolescence long ago!" he tells Kronos to no avail. (Some adolescence! Methos was 2000 years old when he rode with Kronos!)

When Methos shows up to talk to DM about Kronos, Cassandra draws her sword and claims he is Methos… and she will have his head. It seems her intelligence was wrong and a second horseman lives. DM holds her back while Methos escapes.

Note: Cassandra's Watcher files a report at this time… she has overheard it all… and the Watchers now know Adam Pierson is Methos. This information is not in the episode… but is included on The Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM and on files included with the DVD's.


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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.