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Hugh Fitzcairn

Fitz... a true friend.

Hugh Fitzcairn This timeline is based on information contained in The New Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM and in the novel White Silence. Fitzcairn appeared in Highlander: The Series in the following episodes: The Hunters, Star-Crossed, Till Death, The Stone of Scone, Unusual Suspects, To Be, and Not to Be.

  • ca. 1190--Hugh Fitzcairn is born in Sussex, England.
  • 1224--After being skewered by a jealous husband, Hugh is taken in by immortal Henry Fitzmartin, who trains him. Note: the term Fitz generally means a bastard son in English naming conventions. Fitz also uses the name Hugh Fitzhugh at some times.
  • After 1230--Upon arriving on the continent, Fitz makes the acquaintance of immortal priest Darius and begins a long friendship with him, often imbibing of the mead that Darius brews. Their friendship is close enough that Darius tells Fitz of his prophetic dreams of the future.
  • 1637--While in Italy serving the House of Gaspari, Hugh runs afoul of Duncan MacLeod when he seduces the daughter of the rival house Duncan is working for. The two discover that they have a great deal in common and strike up a friendship. They also determine to learn to read.
  • 1639--Fitz and Duncan are attacked by enemies of the prince and a Watcher is accidentally killed in the ensuing battle.
  • 1696--Fitz and Duncan are in France courting immortal Angelina. But she falls for the charming pirate Robert de Valicourt and marries him.
  • 1720--In London, outraged that a German sits on the English throne, Fitz attempts to blow up Westminster Abbey for the Catholics. At the same time, Duncan MacLeod is attempting to steal the Scots Stone of Scone which lies beneath the English throne. The two run afoul of one another as to which caper takes precedence, and decide to settle their argument on the field of battle: a golf course. Fitz cheats and the two immortals make another attempt to blow up the Abbey with the help of the king's axeman, Bernie Crimmons.
  • 1786--Fitz and Connor MacLeod evidently both woo "that Montague woman" in Italy. Duncan and Fitz have a disagreement about it that they are still referring to ten years later.
  • 1796--Fitz and Duncan spar verbally while attending the 100th anniversary party for the de Valicourts. They help Gina rescue Robert from the guillotine. While at the party, Fitz also woos immortal Carolyn Mortimer, a student of Sean Burns.
  • 1888-89--Fitz, Duncan and Danny O'Donal, a young student of Fitz's decide to pan for gold in Alaska where they are nearly destroyed by the unending cold and ice and snow. (Note: the Alaskan gold rush was actually 1898-99 but the author made a mistake in the dates... caught it and then decided just to go with it as she was setting the story just after Amanda took over the Double Eagle/Queen of Spades in San Francisco in 1888-89.
  • 1929--After Fitz is "murdered" with a poisoned clarinet reed, he and Duncan play Agatha Christie attempting to discover who and why. After the crime is solved... Fitz learns that he has lost all his wealth in the stock market crash.
  • 1950--When Fitz, Duncan, and Amanda play a friendly game of golf , the truth of Fitz' cheating during the 1720 match comes out, and they decide to steal the fabled Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey. They succeed... but Duncan returns the stone when both Amanda and Fitz are caught by the authorities.
  • February 1987--When Connor has difficulty fighting off the influence of the Kurgan, Duncan approaches Fitz who is living on a boat in the London harbor about keeping Connor under lock and key until the elder Highlander can sort things out. Unbenknowst to others, Fitz' boat has been blessed as holy ground.
  • May 1993--Fitz visits Duncan in Paris to discuss the disappearance of several immortal friends. They discover that Darius has been killed and decide to investigate. Fitz is captured by the Hunters who plan on killing him. He is rescued by Duncan.
  • 1995--In Paris, Fitz has finally fallen in love. While pretending to be a great chef with forged credentials, he meets and woos fellow chef Naomi . When a rival for Naomi's hand is murdered and Fitz is implicated... he challenges Antonius Kalas to a duel and dies.
  • 1998--Duncan has a dream of a world without Duncan MacLeod and Fitz is his guide. Fitz remarks he would have died centuries before he did if not for his friendship with Duncan.

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.