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Life is about change.

Methos--This timeline is based on his appearances in the series, the novels Scotland the Brave, Zealot and The Captive Soul, the flash series The Methos Chronicles, several stories included in An Evening at Joe's, and entries on The New Watcher Chronicles, cd-rom. Methos appeared in the following episodes: Methos, Finale, part 1, Finale, part 2, Chivalry, Timeless, Deliverance, Methuselah's Gift, Through a Glass Darkly, Till Death, Judgement Day, One Minute to Midnight, The Messenger, The Valkyrie, Comes a Horseman, Revelation 6:8, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, The Modern Prometheus, Archangel, Indiscretions, To Be, Not to Be. Methos also appeared in the films Endgame and The Source.

The times were different. I was different

In the beginning...


c 3000 BCE--Methos grows up, the second son of three boys and two girls, in an oasis village, surrounded by the deserts of what would later be Egypt. His family made its living bartering with the traders who passed through the oasis where they lived.


c 2972 BCE--Methos dies in a sandstorm along with the members of his family. He is found by a Bedouin scouting party who take him in but later cast him out when they notice that he doesn't age.

c 2950 BCE--Arriving at the city of Petra he settles with the Nabataeans camped there and lives there for many years learning to carve out caves from the stone walls that protect the camp's location. He moves on before his lack of aging becomes too noticeable.


c 2900 BCE--Methos settles in the Sinai region where he marries a nomad girl. Then, in what has come to be known as the Smiting of Sinai, the Egyptian Pharaoh Djer orders the slaughter of all nomads. Methos' wife is killed when Egyptian soldiers attack the tribe. He revives to wander the desert for months until caught stealing figs and brought before the Pharaoh, an immortal who explains to Methos what they both are. Djer believes himself to be the son of the Falcon god and states that he has ruled Egypt since time began. Instead of punishing Methos, he makes him his protegé and plans for Methos to be his successor. Methos has other plans to avenge his wife's death. One night, when Djer is sleeping, Methos shoots him with a poison dart, and before he revives, binds him in burial wrappings and places him in a sarcophagus, thereby dooming him to spend eternity as a mummy. The next morning, he becomes the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

2575-2551 BCE--When
Snefru, who perfects pyramid building, is ruler of Egypt, Methos spends some time there working on the pyramids.

c 2400 BCE--Methos begins to notice that some of the people he meets give off a unique feeling--a presence. One of them, Elijah, tells him of a man named Menahem who told tales of others like Methos who died at least once and then returned from the dead. Menahem had also met a woman who spoke of once seeing a man of their kind fall from a such great height that his head was ripped from his body. She had waited for him to return to life, but he didn't. Menahem also met others who inspired great anger in him... so much that he wanted to kill them even though he had just met them. Menahem lived for 750 years and eventually was called one of the Ancient Ones. About the same time, Methos began to resent mortals for their fear of him and his kind and began to prefer the company of other immortals. His first real battle with another immortal is with a particularly unlikable immortal named Joseph. Recalling Menahem's story, he deliberately swings his sword at Joseph's neck and afterwards first feels the power of the quickening. His mind is filled with visions of places and people he has never known. Thinking himself hexed, Methos wanders to an inland sea, trying to understand what has happened. He was about 603 years of age when he took his first head.


c 2400 BCE-2100 BCE--Methos first meets Kronos and his friend Silas, who share his distaste for mortals. Caspian later joins their band. Silas proposes an idea to use their power and immortality to wreak havoc among mortals. They become known as the Four Horsemen and raid the countryside for several hundred years. On one raid Kronos takes the head of an Immortal living in a small village. After that, Silas and Caspian long to experience it for themselves. Fearing their betrayal, Methos leaves, avoiding contact with immortals for the next few years.

c 2100 BCE--Methos lives in Ur, Mesopotamia and becomes friends with a 100-year-old immortal named Abraham. They work together for several years on many of the king's construction projects, and share with one another what knowledge they each have of immortals, while occasionally meeting and fighting others of their kind.


c 1664 BCE--Back in Egypt, Methos  receives a royal medallion from Pharaoh Merneferre Ay (1664-1641) as a reward for his services.

c 1664-1573 BCE--In Albion, Methos spends a century wandering the land. During that time he tries to groom the brooding young Prince Amar for future kingship; but when the crops fail, Amar sacrifices himself. Disgusted, Methos returns to Egypt via Malta.

1573-1570 BCE-- Upon his return to Egypt, Methos helps future pharaohs Kamose and his brother Ahmose in their battle against the sadistic Hyksos overlords. He also first faces the immortal Hyksos prince Khyan, but fails to take his head.

c 1570 BCE--While living once more in Ur, Mesopotamia, Methos learns about Holy Ground when he witnesses a fight between a 100-year-old immortal named Joshua and Methos' old friend Abraham. When the fight approaches the boundary of an old burial ground, Methos and Abraham feel a strong sense of dread. Abraham attempts to edge away from the boundary, but when he stumbles, Joshua strikes. The moment his blade touches Abraham's neck, it stops and falls to the ground. Joshua vanishes as though he had never been there.

c 1200 BCE--Methos meets Helen of Troy, who doesn't have that great of a face, and it only launches a hundred ships, not a thousand.

Well, we're none of us perfect.

Behold a pale rider...


c 1000 BCE--During the Bronze Age, Methos rides once more with Kronos, Silas and Caspian as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. A pre-Immortal Cassandra is taken in by a nomadic Bedouin tribe. When the Horsemen attack her village, Kronos kills her. Methos makes her his slave. When he betrays her and gives her to Kronos one night, Cassandra knifes Kronos and escapes into the night. Methos lets her go.

c 1000 BCE--While in Greece, Methos wins a foot race or two and the Ancient Greeks carve a lifesize marble statue of him crowned with laurel leaves.


c 904 BCE--After his friend the immortal Abraham dies at age 1300, Methos travels to Jerusalem where he learns about the Watchers when he overhears a group of people discussing some immortal names that he recognizes. He is invited to one of their meetings, where he meets the tall, lovely, opinionated and outspoken Ruth. Using the name Alexander he insinuates himself into their group and learns that his low profile over the years means that Methos is virtually unknown in their records. He shares the secret of his immortality with Ruth, only to discover that she has already suspected the truth. They marry soon after. Using the Watchers' records, Methos confirms that immortals can't have children. He further learns about quickenings, the Game and the Prize. During this time, as the Watchers begin to grow in membership, several smaller factions begin to form. While most Watchers support the official policy that immortals should be watched in order to positively influence the outcome of the Game and to protect humanity from outcomes like the abuses of the Horsemen, some renegade groups, come to believe that all immortals are abominations. Methos devotes himself full-time to the Watchers.


c 900 BCE-- As he's passing through Jerusalem, Kronos finds Methos and  resorts to blackmail, saying that he will leave Ruth and Methos alone in exchange for them giving him information about the Watchers. During a meeting, with him, Methos almost take his head but Ruth and a group of Watchers intervene and capture Kronos. They plan to imprison him for eternity. Ruth and Methos leave Jerusalem on an extended "assignment." 


852 BCE--After Ruth dies, Methos jouneys to Tibet to learn about the spiritual side of existence. He begins as a helper in a monastery, cutting wood and hauling water in service to the monks. He gets the opportunity to learn their written language and read their books. After proving himself to them, the monks agree to train him. Methos' master Lin Chi teaches him how to read people's intentions by the way they carry themselves.

c 832 BCE--After twenty years of seeking truth in Tibet, Lin Chi tells Methos that the time has come for him to study with his master, who turns out to be the1577-year-old immortal, Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu has lived there this long by pretending to be a different person drawn from the ranks of the monks every fifty years. His beliefs in a beneficent creator who would never allow a tyrant to win the Prize influences Methos, who spends many years training physically and mentally with Sun Tzu.

c 800 BCE--After Li Quan, the keeper of the temple, dies, he's replaced by Wang Xi. Sun Tzu tells Lin Chi, now approaching 80 years of age, the truth about immortality and teaches Methos to become a philosopher warrior, and to find balance between his soul and his mind. Meanwhile, Wang Xi teaches Methos the fighting style of his native region.

c 706 BCE--After 126 years, Sun Tzu tells Methos that it's time for him to return to the world where he can apply all that he's learned. 


c 700 BCE--Methos begins to use Ancient Greek in his journal.

470-399 BCE--In Greece, Methos is a friend of Socrates, the teacher of Plato, who was himself the teacher of Aristotle... the teacher of Alexander the Great.


372-289 BCE--While in China, Methos knew Mencius, the Chinese philosopher and student of Confucius (551-479 BC).


100-44 BCE- While in Rome, Methos knows Julius Caesar and once shares the stage with him.


74 BCE--Methos loses a bet when Marcus Aedilies and not Peter Gaicus takes the head of Titus Marconus in a vomitorium, not outside the Forum as the Watcher records later say. Gaicus was the greatest swordsman in Rome at the time, while Aediles was an incompetent one at best who just got lucky.


69-30 BCE--In Egypt once more, Methos meets the Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII who will be mistress of both Julius Caesar and later Marc Antony.

c 1 CE--While raiding and pillaging the island of Iona, Methos poisons and traps Kronos in a well, and then arranges for the monks to toss food scraps into the well.

I'd rather have your poetry than your head.

A more civilized man...


c 1-100 CE--Still living in Rome, Methos becomes a connoisseur of the cooking of Marcus Gavius Apicius, early Rome's favorite cook who could do marvelous things with lentils and chestnuts.

c 34-35 CE-- During one of his lives in Rome, Methos is Remus, a slave and advisor in the household of Roman Senator Valerius Petronius. He tries to make Petronius the next emperor. Unfortunately, he says no to Petronius' wife, Druscilla the Emasculator, who cries rape. Methos is nailed to a cross instead. That is last time he becomes involved in politics... and the last time he comes between a married couple.

38-68 CE--Methos knows Nero, the Roman emperor.

93 CE--Methos watches as Christians are thrown to the lions in the arena.

423 CE--In the city of the Parisii, Ahaziah of Romoth Gilead dies in front of a bunch of witnesses. The Watchers think Ahaziah is one of Methos' many aliases. 

c 600-700 CE--Methos is one of the few who knows where in Gaul there is a Holy and/or magic spring whose location is lost until he takes Duncan MacLeod there in 1996.


765 CE--Methos crosses the Atlantic to Iceland in a rowboat with six Irish monks.


c 900-997 CE--Supposedly the last time Methos and Kronos see Silas before the Horsemen were reunited briefly in 1997.


c 1000-1100 CE--The last time Methos says he felt guilt.


c 1300-1650 CE--Throughout England and Europe Methos listens to the screams of midwives being burned by women they had nursed through labor because they thought that they were witches.

1453--Methos majors in medicine and dueling at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

16th century--While living in Italy, Methos gets to know one of his Watchers, who keeps a private journal on the ancient immortal. 


1795--The last time Methos faces an Immortal in combat before meeting Duncan MacLeod.


1808--While in New Orleans, Louisana using the alias of Dr. Benjamin Adams, Methos put his medical skills to use by administering to slaves. When he helps the brother of a slave named Charlotte, he and Charlotte become lovers. Charlotte, who is owned by immortal Morgan Walker, is then killed by Walker for sleeping with Methos. Walker then attempts to challenge "Dr. Adams". Declining to duel, Methos escapes Walker's pursuit when he reaches Charleston, South Carolina, and boards the first ship out of the harbor.

June 1816-- While in Switzerland, and still using the name Dr. Adams, Methos parties and reads poetry with Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and his wife Mary. He is Byron's first teacher and may have been a lover to both Mary and Byron. During the festivities, Byron kills Hans Kershner, the jealous husband of one of his conquests. Mary witnesses the quickening and Byron's resurrection. Methos entrusts the secret of immortals to her, which she uses along with a dream she has had as the basis for her novel, Frankenstein.

c 1816 to 1900--while in Arizona, and using the name Ben Adams, Methos pulls a scam with the McQuarrie brothers but is betrayed by Veronica, who tips off Sheriff Willy Brunton. On the run, Methos finally escapes the posse by jumping over the rim of a canyon to his death. When he's found by Little Crow, 10-year-old Indian boy, he learns that the Indians have legends of long-lived beings who can only be killed among lightning and fire. Their stories also say that these beings are messengers of the Great Spirit and should be treated with honor.


c 1900--On another "adventure" in Flagstaff, Arizona, Methos faces being hanged at dawn, but is rescued by the Sundance Kid. Later, he Butch Cassidy and Sundance attempt to break into a tough vault.


c 1960-1984--Methos shares a stage with the Rolling Stones.

Mi casa es su casa.

The modern Methos...


1984--While a student in ancient languages at Oxford, Methos is recruited by Don Salzer to join the Watchers as a historian. He does so, and graduates sixth in a class of 103.


1984-1985--Methos works as a historian in the Watchers.

1985-1987--Settling in Paris, Methos works as a researcher in the Watchers under Don Salzer and the two begin to work on an interactive database. 


1987-1996--Methos becomes the Watchers' top Methos scholar.In 1992 he may have had a brief meeting with Connor MacLeod before the elder Highlander went into the Sanctuary.


March 1995-- Methos meets Duncan MacLeod after he learns that Kalas has killed Watcher Donald Salzer. When MacLeod guesses exactly who Methos is, he tells him some of his life. Later, Methos fights Kalas, but with his skills rusty, is unable to take his head, and instead offers his head to MacLeod. MacLeod declines. Methos arranges for Kalas to be arrested for the murder of Don Salzer. In fear of being exposed, Methos takes his journals, records and artifacts, and vanishes.


May 1995--Methos meets with Joe Dawson who agrees to keep his secret from the other Watchers. Together they meet with Don Salzer's widow Christine. Methos tells her that he is an immortal. Christine threatens to expose them all. After Amanda breaks Kalas out of jail but fails to kill him, Kalas kills Christine and gets a hold of the Watcher database that she had found. He threatens to expose immortals to the world. A few days later, Duncan manages to behead Kalas atop the Eiffel Tower.

Oct 1995--As Adam Pierson, Methos journeys to Seacouver, Washington, to inform Duncan MacLeod that his student Richie Ryan is involved with an old flame of Duncan's, Kristin Gilles. Methos spars with Duncan and attempts to show him that eventually Kristin will kill him if he doesn't take her head. Richie Ryan sees them and is introduced to Adam Pierson.When he learns that Kristin has drugged a friend of Richie's, Methos sends her Watcher away to watch Richie's house, Seeing that MacLeod once again cannot kill Kristin, Methos challenges her. He was born long before the age of chivalry. Although he kills Kristin, the Watchers believe that  Duncan or Richie killed her.

Nov 1995-- Still in Seacouver, Methos meets and falls in love with Alexa Bond, a waitress at Joe's bar. He also meets the newly immortal Claudia Jardine. Learning that Alexa is dying, Methos offers to take her to see the world. She can spend what life she has left dying, or living it with him. Alexa agrees. Joe throws a farewell party for Alexa. Two of his bartenders, Mike and Lou, give her a satin negligee as a going-away present. Methos and Alexa leave for the Grand Canyon, but a rainstorm delays them. They spend the night at a motel where they make love for the first time. Arriving at the Grand Canyon they discover it closed. Methos makes other plans to get into the park to show Alexa the wonders there. They declare their love for one another, and are married in spirit, if not in the letter of modern law.


Nov 1995--Feb 1996-- Methos and Alexa tour the world. In Venice, Italy Alexa haggles with a 200-pound gondolier and has him cowed. In Cairo, Egypt their world tour is interrupted when Methos runs into another immortal (belived by Joe Dawson to be Akenaton Re who vanished at that time) whom he must fight and kill. The next morning they leave Egypt for Jerusalem. After a week there, they go to Athens. During this time period, Methos picks up his phone messages on his Paris phone and finds one from  Duncan MacLeod, who has recently killed Annie Devlin. He returns the call and tells Richie about a pattern of unexplained decapitations that he has been sorting out over the past few months.


March 1996--Joe calls Athens, Greece to tell Methos about Duncan's Dark Quickening after his beheading of Coltec. Methos leaves Alexa, telling her that he has to go to France for a few days on "business." While he''s gone, she visits a collection of statuary at the Museum at Olympia, and sees the one of Methos. Methos travels to Scotland and borrows the MacLeod claymore from Rachel MacLeod. He then finds Duncan in Le Havre, France and saves him from an angry husband whose wife he slept with. Duncan steals a car and runs Methos down for his troubles. Methos catches up with Duncan in Limay, France where he watches in horror as Duncan kills his old friend Sean Burns. Finding Duncan in a church, Methos then takes him to the lost Holy Spring to fight off the effects of the dark quickening. Returning to Athens,  Methos finds the photos Alexa took at the Museum at Olympia. He tell her of his immortality. They walk on the beach at Santorini. Shortly afterwards, Alexa becomes gravely ill and is taken to a hospital in Geneva.


March 1996--Methos leaves Alexa in a hospital in Geneva and returns to Paris to try and find the Methuselah Stone, which he believes can save her life. He and Amanda attempt to rob the Watcher vaults. Methos is caught and killed but Amanda escapes with the stone. When he revives, he is used as bait by a renegade Watcher to retrieve the stone. With Duncan's and Amanda's help, he is freed, but the stone is lost forever in the Seine. Methos returns to the bedside of the dying Alexa, where he annoints her with myrrh, climbs into the bed and embraces her in their last hours together. She dies that night. He considers taking Alexa back to Santorini because she loved it there, but decides to bury her in the Montparnasse cemetery. While visiting her grave, Duncan and Methos run across the amnesiac Warren Cochrane who has recently killed his student Andrew Donnelly.


April 1996 -- Methos' regular poker game with Marcus Constantine and some of his employees from the Musée National des Antiquités is cancelled permanently when Constantine is beheaded by his former student Avram Mordecai.

May 1996 --Methos allows himself to get involved in a married couple's dispute at Duncan's behest and nearly dies at the sword of Gina de Valicourt who is angry that he dared to fight her beloved Robert. 


June 1996--Methos joins Duncan in attempting to stop the Watcher Tribunal from trying and killing Joe Dawson for betrayal of his oath. He gives them the private journal of a Methos Watcher from the 16th century. Jacob Galati kills many of the Watchers and shoots Joe, setting off a Watcher/Immortal war. Methos is caught in the middle. After Jack Shapiro kills Galati in retaliation for Galati killing his son., Methos decides that it's the perfect time for a vacation in Tibet. In the months following, he is declared AWOL from the Watchers.

Aug 1996--On a brief visit to Seacouver, Washington, Methos finds Duncan, Richie and Joe glued to the TV in Joe's bar, carrying on about brotherhood, teamwork, and the Olympic spirit; and tells tell them what the Olympics were really like.

Sept 1996--Methos returns to Seacouver and learns that "the other Methos" is there and has recruited Richie Ryan to his cause of peace. He meets with him and they discuss what a man learns in 5000 years. Methos leaves without giving the other immortal his name. Later, Richie kills William Culbraith soon after Culbraith kills the other Methos. Later, Methos counsels Duncan about judging others when the Highlander kills his former comrade-in-arms Ingrid Henning.

Oct 1996--Methos tries out for the Wheel of Time game show but doesn't make it to the finals. Leaving the studio, he senses another immortal and decides to make scarce and let Duncan find out who's there. That night, Methos gets a knife in the chest from his old comrade Kronos who wants him to "ride" with him once more. Later, after coming face-to-face with Cassandra at Duncan's, Methos decides to leave town. His true identity is unmasked by Cassandra's Watcher and Joe is called on the carpet for not sharing what he knew. When Duncan confronts him about what Cassandra has said, he admits it, and then joins Kronos as he offers to help him find both Silas and Caspian.


Nov 1996--After finding Silas in Russia and Caspian in a mental asylum in Eastern Europe, Methos and Kronos settle with them in Bordeaux, France at an abandoned submarine base.  Duncan and Cassandra follow clues that Methos leaves them which lead them to Bordeaux. Methos manages to meet with Duncan in the Elysium church where he tells him of Cassandra's eventual escape from the Horsemen. They are overheard by a Watcher.During the meeting, Kronos captures Cassandra. Then he sends Caspian and Silas to kill Duncan. But it is Caspian who dies and Duncan escapes. Duncan finds the base and confronts Kronos while Methos must fight Silas to prevent him from killing Cassandra. A double-joined quickening arises. Duncan prevents Cassandra from killing Methos, who returns to Paris by train, taking the flute which Silas had carved in the asylum as a final token of their friendship. Dr. Amy Zoll takes over the Methos project and assigns Methos his own Watcher, Timothy Wyatt.

Dec 1996--"Adam Pierson" is dishonorably discharged from the Watchers in absentia. Dr. Zoll and others attempt to straighten out the files they believe Methos corrupted while with them.

Feb 1997--In Paris, Methos is awakened by Amanda, who is loudly knocking on his door, and who wants him to help save Duncan MacLeod from himself. It seems that another immortal wants Duncan's head for past misdeeds, and she fears that Duncan just might give it to him. Methos doesn't think it's a good idea, but meets and fights Steven Keane, but is prevented from taking his head by Duncan who wants another chance to talk with Keane.

April 1997--Methos joins Joe and Duncan at the opening of Le Blues Bar where he meets once more his former student Byron. When Byron is responsible for the death of one of Joe's protege's, Duncan kills Byron, and Methos mourns the loss of great poetry, but does not judge or interfere. 

May 1997- While discussing history and his past with Joe, Methos learns that Duncan is acting strangely following the death of Jason Landry who has suffered a stroke while trying to warn Duncan about an ancient demon he must defeat. In 5000 years, Methos has never heard of the demon Ahriman. He and Joe decide to visit Landry's daughter Allison, but they arrive too late. Allison Landry has died in a fire of suspicious origin and Duncan is the prime suspect. When they learn that Duncan has been lured into believing that Ahriman has Joe, Methos and Joe manage to follow him and Richie to an abandoned amusement park, arriving just in time to see Duncan behead Richie. Methos refuses to take Duncan's head. Methos leaves Paris.

Oct 1998--Returning to Paris, Methos runs into his old enemy Morgan Walker. He tries to get some information about Walker from Joe's Watcher files. Joe stops him. Ultimately the two work together to rescue Joe's illegitimate daughter, Watcher Amy Brennan-Thomas from Walker. Methos takes Walker's head. Amy promises Methos to keep his secret and is reassigned to work on the Methos chronicle with Dr. Amy Zoll..


Nov 1998--When Joe and Amanda are kidnapped by Liam O'Rourke who wants Duncan MacLeod's head, Methos manages to rescue MacLeod and then helps MacLeod face and kill O'Rourke. 


April-May 1999--Hearing that a Hyksos sword has arrived at the Branson Collection for a show on "The Hyksos: Conquerors of Egypt", and that a series of ritual slayings have begun, Methos realizes that the immortal (and insane) Hyksos Prince Khyan has surfaced believing that the sacrifices will help him to locate the Hyksos sword, which he believes holds the spirit of his long-dead half-brother, King Apophis. Methos works with Duncan MacLeod to find and stop his old enemy, and finally takes Khyan's head.

2001--On a TV in a bar inTokyo, Japan, Methos sees a special news report that Dr. Mina Abadi from the Egyptian Museum has found a sarcophagus buried under the waters of the Aswan High Dam. He recognizes the scarab of swords decorating the sarcophagus and realizes that it's the Immortal Pharaoh Djer whom he'd buried 5000 years before. He travels to Cairo and breaks open a case in the Egyptian Museum to get at an ancient tablet. Methos ends up in jail. Dr. Abadi visits him and he convinces her to take him to see the Pharaoh Djer's sarcophagus. At the museum's warehouse,  they open the sarcophagus. Djer awakens. Methos draws one of the scarab's swords to finish him off, but Dr. Abadi hits him on the head with a vase. Djer recognizes Methos and draws the other sword from the scarab. The two fight, but when a guard shoots Methos who has managed to disarm Djer, Djer escapes.


2002--Deciding that since the Watchers know who he is, Methos lives in comfort on one of his old estates in London. Duncan MacLeod turns up on his doorstep asking for information on the Watcher Sanctuary, a place where immortals are drugged unconscious and hidden from the rest of the world so that the Watchers can ensure that the Game never ends. Duncan's search for the Sanctuary is too successful,  he ends up in it. Joe and Methos have to rescue him. Methos liberates Duncan's sword; but it isn't easy.


2012-- Methos is living in a high-security, high-rise penthouse apartment in New York when Duncan MacLeod comes for a visit. The two take a stroll to discuss the status of the Game and a mysterious female immortal challenges and defeats Methos... but does not take his head. Instead, she kidnaps him to fight for his life in an immortal fight club.

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.