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Connor MacLeod

Connor MacLeod, the Highlander

Connor MacLeod--(Note this is the preferred spelling although Conner is used in the novelization of the original film.) This time-line is collated from dated events in Highlander, both the original film and its novelization, Highlander 3 (both versions as well as some events from the original script), The New Watcher's Chronicles (which chronicles only the events depicted in The Gathering episode), the novel The Element of Fire and Endgame. The events of Highlander 2 are not a part of this chronology unless they referred to earlier events. One other change I made was to the dates of the present day events from Highlander 3. The film was released in 1995, but at that time, Connor was already in Sanctuary according to Endgame. I have arbitrarily changed those events to early 1992, before the series episode The Gathering, to help everything flow more easily. The original script for the film made references to the plot being set in 1992. Since the comic series pub lished by Dynamite focused on Connor for much of its run, I have worked in those events as dated.

"From the dawn of time we came. Moving silently down through the centuries.
Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the gathering where the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you...until now"
 ~ JuanSanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez

      • 1518--Connor MacLeod is born in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel and raised by his father and his mother Caiolin. (HL, HLN, HLE)
      • 1528--On Connor's 10th birthday, his cousin Dugal catches a salmon that they eat. (HLN)
      • 1536-- Connor's father is killed by the Frasers, a neighboring clan. (Note: in HL3, Alex Johnson mentions that Connor MacLeod's father, a clan chieftain, altered the tartan to honor his son after his son's banishment.) In a battle between the two feuding clans, Connor is killed by the Kurgan but is rescued off the field before the Kurgan can take his head. His swift and remarkable healing causes his village to accuse him of witchcraft and banish him. Later near Glencoe, he meets Heather, daughter of Angus MacDonald from whom he learns to be a blacksmith. (HL, HL3, HLN) 
      • 1539--Connor marries Heather. Angus MacDonald dies. (HL, HLN)
      • Summer 1541--Connor and Heather still live at the forge near Glencoe (although the novel places them near Jedburgh which is in southern Scotland and not in the highlands) after Angus' death. One day while they are rolling in the hay, up rides Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez who teaches Connor what it means to be immortal and prepares him to meet the Kurgan in battle. over the next three months or so. (HL, HLN)
      • 1542--But it is Ramirez the Kurgan finds first while Connor is out checking his traps or hunting. The scene in the film appears to be set in the winter. Ramirez is buried at the remains of the ruined tor and Connor and Heather re-locate from near Glencoe to a farm near the town of Montrose.  Montrose however is on the east coast of Scotland. Again, they probably remained in the Glencoe are as per later scenes in HLIII and Endgame. (HL, HLN, HLscript)
      • 1555--Connor returns to Glenfinnan in an attempt to rescue his mother Caiolin from the stake. He fails and accidentally kills Father Rainey and his adopted son Jacob Kell. He does not realize that Kell is also an immortal. Saddened, Connor returns to Glencoe to live out a life with Heather. (HLE)
      • 1590--After Heather's death, Connor leaves Scotland and travels the world.
      • Late 16th century, Scotland-- Shortly after Heather's death, Connor goes to work as a field hand for a farmer and his daughter, Sarah. Sarah is sweet on Connor, but he fears to again become involved with a mortal woman. when the farm is attacked by two brigands, Connor is killed and then revives, killing the attackers and saving the farmer and Sarah. He then leaves Scotland. (HL3, original script) NOTE: The original script places this scene in the 17th century, but it actually works better before Connor goes to Japan. The same is true for the next event.
      • Late 16th century--Connor meets Thomas Cavanaugh, a friend of Ramirez who convinces Connor that he needs to pass on what he learned from Ramirez to other young immortals. Cavanaugh calls a gathering of local immortals on holy ground to preach about the nature of the prize and the importance for it to be won by good men. He encourages all to teach what they have learned. (HL3, original script)
      • Late 16th century-- Connor travels on to the east to learn from the immortal sorcerer Nakano. (HL3)
      • 1605--While there, Kane and his henchmen attack. When Kane kills Nakano, the quickening brings down the mountain and buries Kane and his henchman. Connor escapes. (HL3)
      • 17th Century--Connor and Thomas Cavanaugh meet again. When Cavanaugh mentions that Connor is drifting through life rather than living it, Connor determines to leave England. (HL3, original script)
      • 1625--Returning to Scotland, Connor finds Duncan MacLeod in "that bloody bog" following the battle of Glen Fruin. (HLE) *Or trying to drown himself. (EOF)
      • 1630--Connor and Duncan are apart as Duncan does not know where Connor is when he is pursued by Martin Hyde, an immortal who only challeneges "seasoned" immortals.
      • 1631--A few years later as they are training in Ravenna, Italy, Connor teaches Duncan an unstoppable move. (HLE)
      • 1632-- In Scotland, Connor and Duncan have a brief run-in with Khordas, the immortal pirate and villain of The Element of Fire and his companion, the immortal Nerissa. Duncan leaves Connor to travel in Europe. In 1634, Duncan is traveling alone when he meets Ursa. By 1637 Duncan has returned to Italy. (EOF, HLS#16)
      • 1712--Connor and Duncan save the pre-immortal Catherine Mary "Kate" Devaney from being held-up by bandits. (HLE)
      • 1715--In the South China, Connor hears that Duncan is preparing to marry Kate Devaney. He arrives in Ireland and tells his kinsman how the loss of Heather destroyed him. Unable to let fate decide Kate's future, Duncan kills Kate on their wedding night to make her immortal. (HLE)
      • 1777--Connor MacLeod and Sunda Kastagir served in the Continental Army with George Washington at Valley Forge.  (HLN)
      • 1783--As Adrian Montague, a drunken Connor MacLeod has a duel on Boston Commons with the lawyer Bassett, whose wife he has insulted. Sunda Kastagir is his second. (HL, HLN)
      • Europe 1786--Connor and Duncan have a run-in with Hugh Fitzcairn... something to do with "that Montague woman."  (HLS#86)
      • 18th Century--Connor and Thomas Cavanaugh take ship to France where Connor woos the beautiful Isabelle Tourez and gives her a ring to remember him by after Cavanaugh reminds him that a life with a mortal leads only to grief. The two immortals fight their way out of the castle but are captured. Cavanaugh is guillotined and Connor takes his quickening. He is then able to escape. (HL3, original script)
      • 1793-94--Connor lends support to the French Revolution. He meets and woos Lady Sarah Barrington, the English niece of a French noble. When Connor is sentenced to die on the guillotine by the king... she believes him dead and marries another man. Connor's place on the guillotine is taken by his friend, the immortal Pierre Bouchet, who is weary of immortal life. When Connor returns to Sarah, he does not reveal himself to her when he sees that she has children and is happy. (HL3) NOTE: A reference in Endgame indicates that Jacob Kell killed "that French actress" at some point. Although Sarah was English, he may have thought she was French as she had a French family; or it may have been someone else entirely. (HLE)
      • 1796--As Adrian Montague, Connor purchases the Hudson Street property in New York City that will later house Nash Antiques.  (HLN, HL) 
      • ca. 1800--Connor runs across Kastagir in the West Indies. (HLN)
      • 1804--While serving aboard the H.M.S. Victory, commanded by Admiral Nelson, Connor MacLeod faces off with The Kurgan serving aboard a French vessel. Their fight is interupted when the mainmast falls on the young Lt. Cavanaugh. Connor hesitates in his fight to save the boy. The Kurgan escapes by falling overboard and walking across the sea bottom. He also takes with him Connor's Masamune katana. (HLWS1)
      • June 1815-- Connor is with the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo. He may also have met and had dealings with Napoleon. (HLN, HL3)
      • 16 Jan 1819--Birth of Hamilton Kopp who dies at birth. (HL, HLN)
      • 1839--The Hudson Street property is transferred from Adrian Montague to Hamilton Kopp. Later transfers of the property are to Alfred Burgess, Wallingford Benoit or Rupert Wallingford, and finally Russel Nash. (HL, HLN)
      • Dry River, Texas, 1851-- Connor and Duncan meet up with Sunda Kastagir who is having difficulty with a quickening. (HLC#8)
      • 1853--Connor is captain of the Rosemary when Duncan signs aboard. The ship sinks in a storm after another run-in with Khordas. The log of the Rosemary is saved and will be shown in the second film. (EOF, HL2, HL)
      • 1872--Traveling in the Pacific Northwest, Connor helps Duncan bury his Indian family and tries to console him for their loss. (HLS#1)
      • 1879--Connor serves with the British Army in South Africa. While a prisoner of the Zulu following the battle of Isandlwana, Connor meets up again with Sunda Kastagir who plays a joke on him involving a fight to the death with an "Immortal" Zulu warrior. (HLN)
      • November 1888--In London, Connor  runs across the immortal Jack, a serial killer butchering women in the whitechapel District. He puts an end to Jack's activities. (HL3--original script/unfilmed scene)
      • 1897--Connor takes the name David Carruthers and is captain of a gun-runner. In Nantucket, Connor and Duncan finally deal with the pirate Khordas. (EOF)
      • 1936--Rachel Ellenstein is born in Holland to Jewish parents. (HLE, timeline info)
      • 1943--Connor rescues war orphan Rachel Ellenstein from the Nazis and adopts her, raising her as his daughter. (HL) He serves in a unit with Sgt. W.W. Hicks who sees him die and revive during a Nazi mortar attack. Hicks says nothing. (HLC#1)
      • 22 Oct 1945--Russell Edwin Nash is born at Mercy Hospital in Syracuse, NY to Karen Joan Nash. Both mother and child die soon after. Dr. Willis B. Kadell is the physician. Russell was illegitimate. (HL)
      • 1952--Rachel graduates from high school. Connor keeps a photo of the two of them as a memento.
      • 1958--A certain Porsche, later bought by Connor MacLeod, rolls off the assembly line.  (HL)
      • 1963--Upstate New York. Connor drives Rachel to the airport. She's off to see Europe with her lover, Richard. Just before Christmas, he is visited by an old pal from his army days in WWII.  Sgt. Hicks suggests that Connor needs to visit Berlin. Someone there is doing genetics experiments in an attempt to create a super soldier... someone like Connor.  (HLC#1)
      • 1963--Berlin. while investigating the rumors of super soldiers, Connor meets immortals Tasya Desny and Paul Furio.  Together they travel covertly to the USSR where they investigate the rumors of super-soldiers and Connor comes face-to-face with an old foe... the Kurgan. (HLC#2, #3, #4)
      • January 12, 1964--Connor, Tasya Desny, Paul Furio and Dr. Arman Volkov pursue the Kurgan and his super soldiers into Siberia. Connor and the Kurgan continue their battle in mid-air and on the ground after they revive from the fall. The Kurgan is blown out of the building and vanishes beneath the ice. Connor returns to New York City and to Rachel.
      • 1966--Connor learns the Maamune katana is up for auction in Paris. Unfortunately the sword is bought by Toshiro Nakayama, who claims descent from Masamune. When Toshiro kills the brother of a woman Connor is involved with, he goes to Japan to challenge Toshiro and reclaim the Masamune. He is unable to kill Toshiro at that time, but manages to disarm him. After Toshiro kills Elizabeth, Connor takes Toshira's head. (HLWOS)
      • July 1985--Using the name Russell Nash, Connor operates an antique store on the Hudson Street property in New York City with Rachel as his business partner. The Kurgan comes to town. Believing they may be the last two... Connor and the Kurgan fight. Connor wins. During this time period he also meets Brenda Wyatt whose interference in the final battle allows him to win. After the battle, Connor and Brenda go to Scotland and marry. (HL, HLII)
      • April 1986--London, Connor and Brenda operate Nash Antiques. He is contacted by an old friend, Tasya Desny and travels to Paris where he sees a man covered by Cyrillic tatoos who warns that Russia will be razed and reborn. Shortly later, Connor hears of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl and makes plans to go to Moscow. (HLC#0)
      • 26 April 1986--Connor, Tasya Desny, Paul Furio, and mortal Doctor Arman Volkov fly to the USSR to investigate the accident at Chernobyl.  During the mission, Tasya kills Paul and Connor must take Tasya's head. Afterwarwards, Connor returns to London and to Brenda. (HC#1, #2, #3, #4)
      • 31 December 1986-1January 1987--While at a New Years Eve party, in London, Connor and Brenda meet up with  Duncan . Brenda is injured in a traffic acciedent and Connor worries about losing her. (HLC#5)
      • February1987--Connor suffers from some fallout from killing the Kurgan and Duncan is there to help him. During this time period, Connor is kidnapped by immortal Gordon Byrne and his associate Sakuro who hope to turn Connor to evil. Duncan rescues him but another immortal, Kameke Minoto dies. Duncan takes Connor to Hugh Fitzcairn, living on a boat in the Thames to work out his issues. Afterwards, Connor deals with Byrne.
      • "Six months later" Brenda dies in a mysterious car crash... likely courtesy of Jacob Kell. Connor walks away without a scratch. (HL3, HLE)
      • 1987-1992*--Dates not exact. Connor moves to North Africa, adopts John, and then realizes Kane and others are still alive. He returns to New York to battle Kane. He also meets archeologist Dr. Alex Johnson who reminds him of former lover Lady Sarah Barrington. When his katana blade is shattered in a battle with Kane, Connor retreats to Scotland and to the forge near Glencoe where he once lived with Heather and where he first learned to blacksmith under the tutelage of her father. Alex brings him a block of steel forged by Nakano. With it Connor re-forges a new katana. After returning to America and defeating Kane, Connor, Alex and John return to Scotland... But there are signs that Connor is not the last immortal. (HL3, HL3S, HLE, DVD timeline)

*Note: The onscreen date for the events of Highlander III is 1994, a time later events say Connor was in Sanctuary.

      • 1992--Connor comes to Seacouver to fight Slan Quince who has killed someone Connor cared about (Alex? John? A student? A friend? Someone else?) He meets Duncan, Tessa, and the pre-immortal Richie Ryan. He fails to kill Quince, but Duncan does. Afterwards, Connor warns Duncan that the boy Richie must be watched. He leaves. (HLS#1)
      • Dec 1992--Connor calls Duncan in Paris (although Duncan was in Seacouver at that time) to meet him in New York. While there, Rachel is killed in an explosion while a horrified Connor watches. Connor then vanishes. He may have had a brief meeting with Methos. He voluntarily enters Sanctuary as a way of dealing with his grief. While in Sanctuary the events of Highlander 2 may have been a drug-induced dream. (HLE)
      • 2002--Connor is released from Sanctuary by Jacob Kell who finally reveals that he is the source of all the deaths around Connor and the recent murders of all the mortals Connor has cared about over the centuries. Unable to beat Kell, Connor forces Duncan to take his head. Together they can defeat Kell. Duncan buries Connor's remains in the Highlands next to Heather and Ramirez. (HLE)

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.