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Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez

The Spanish Peacock

Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez-- This time-line is based on the film Highlander, on some additional references in the original script, and on the novelization of that film. Two fan sites with Watcher-related data were also consulted. Information from them is not considered canon. Links to them are on the Links page.

  • ca. 896 b.c.e.--An Egyptian who may have been named Tak Ne is born. (HL)
  • ca. 841 b.c.e.--He dies when he is run-over by a run-away cart and discovers that he is immortal. (HL original script)
  • ca. 842-593 b.c.e.--He has had three wives and many teachers. One teacher was the immortal whom Duncan MacLeod knew as Graham Ashe... first known as Tjanifer of Troy. One fan site also suggests that Ramirez was a student of Nakano, which might explain why Connor MacLeod sought out Nakano following Heather's death.  (HL, HLS End of Innocence,  HL3 supposition)
  • before 593 b.c.e.--The immortal who will later be known as Ramirez, meets and falls in love with Japanese princess Shakiko, the last of his three wives. She is the daughter of master swordsmith, Masamune who makes the katana Ramirez still carries in 1541. The sword is one of a kind and created centuries before such forging techniques were widely known. Ramirez tells Connor MacLeod that Shakiko died in 593 ... and that he was shattered by her death. (HL)
  • 479 b.c.e.--While serving with the Spartan army fighting the Persians at the Battle of Plataea, Ramirez meets and fights the Kurgan, managing with the Masamune katana to shatter the Kurgan's weapon. He is unable to kill the Kurgan as the immortal falls from the cliff where they were fighting and is swept away by the fighting. (HLWOS)
  • before 1500--Ramirez supposedly met the Kurgan three times in battle, barely escaping with his life the last time. These battles took place in Babylon, Greece and China. No dates are officially given. (HL script)
  • 1516-1556--Charles I is king of Spain. Ramirez becomes "chief metallurgist" to King Charles I of Spain. He does say Charles V, which is how Charles was known in his role as Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.There has never been a Charles V of Spain. (HL) 
  • 1541--Ramirez travels to Scotland to find Connor MacLeod. He teaches him how to enter the game and what it means to be immortal. Ramirez dies at the hands of the Kurgan and is buried near the destroyed forge. Connor takes his katana and carries it in his memory. It is with this sword that Connor eventually kills the Kurgan. The blade will be shattered in the Highlander's duel with Kane on holy ground. (HL, HL3)

Note: Although the character of Ramirez appears in the film Highlander II, the events of that film do not work well with the canonical timeline. The events of Highlander II may have been a dream Connor had while in Sanctuary. (Endgame)


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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.