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Amanda, Thief of Hearts

Amanda This time-line is based on flashbacks which occurred in both Highlander: The Series and Highlander: The Raven, with additional information from The New Watchers Chronicles CD-ROM. Amanda appeared in the following episodes of the original series: The Lady and the Tiger, The Return of Amanda, Legacy, The Cross of St. Antoine, Rite of Passage, Finale, part 1, Finale, part 2, Double Eagle, Reunion, The Colonel, Methuselah's Gift, The Immortal Cimoli, Dramatic License, Money No Object, The Stone of Scone, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, To Be, and Not To Be.

  • ca 820 c.e.--Amanda is born.
  • 850--Street thief Amanda steals bread to eat from a house marked as one where victims have died of the plague. She is clubbed to death and awakens on a pile of bodies about to be burned. Sensing a strange power from nearby, she looks up to see the noblewoman Rebecca Horne who realizes that Amanda is a newly born immortal and has her taken to the Abbey of Ste. Anne. While there, Amanda learns about immortality and her unique heritage. Unused to Rebecca's kindness, she attempts to steal a crystal that Rebecca has hidden in a trunk but Rebecca catches her, and forgives her, asking her to remain and learn.
  • 853--Fully trained, Amanda receives from Rebecca a shard of the crystal and leaves to begin her life as an immortal. However, she soon returns with an immortal close behind. Rebecca insists that Amanda must face her challenger or she will be running all of her life. "Choose your ground... and face what is to come," the older woman says. Amanda defeats Hengist the Saxon  by taking her first head and experiences her first quickening.
  • circa 1000--Amanda and the immortal thief Jade first cross paths. For a thousand years, like two rival siblings, they attempt to get one up on the other by going after the same jewels and the same men.
  • 1182--In England, Amanda happens across a farm where the inhabitants have been killed and finds the awakening Kenneth, a ten-year-old Saxon boy. She becomes his teacher and assures him that although he's not big enough or strong enough to wield a sword, he is clever and can learn to adapt the game for his survival. She shows him his most valuable asset in a mirror: his innocence and his youth.
  • 1183-- Still traveling together in England and thieving, Amanda is caught by Norman soldiers while Kenneth hides in the bushes. To prevent her own rape, Amanda strikes out at the men forcing them to hang her immediately. Kenneth, not believing that she will return to him, runs away. When she recovers, she searches for him, but fails to find him.
  • 1190--Amanda parties with King Richard I of Englandm called the lion-hearted. He had stamina.
  • 8 January 1297--While traveling through Monaco, Amanda meets French immortal Phillippe Canella who is with a group of men disguised as monks. In reality, they are assisting Francois Grimaldi to wrest control of the principality from the Ghibellines. Amanda leaves Monaco that very night.
  • circa 1300--Amanda and Jade have a run-in and also meet immortal Liam Riley.
  •  1327--Amanda becomes godmother to one of Petrarch Laura's adorable eleven children.
  • 1554--In England, Amanda hooks up with charming con-man and thief, Jeremy Dexter. Together, they rob Queen Mary's treasury.
  • 1565--While in Bourgogne, France, Amanda has a run-in with immortal Vladimir Rankov.
  • circa 1600--Date mentioned as the last time Amanda saw Jeremy Dexter.
  • 1610--In the Netherlands, Amanda is teacher and guide to young immortal Evan Peyton. But Peyton also wants his mortal inheritance. Against Amanda's wishes, he poisons his adoptive younger adoptive brother in order to inherit their estate. Amanda exposes his treachery to his adoptive parents, causing him to flee. 
  • 1635--In Florence, Italy, Amanda is visiting her teacher Rebecca Horne when they cross paths with a new immortal, Duncan MacLeod who is clearly flustered at their male dress and their confident demeanor. Amanda steals MacLeod's purse. When he discovers it missing, Duncan tracks the ladies and suggests they all have a drink together.
  • 1643--In the Black Forest of Germany, Amanda has a run-in with evil immortal Dr. Julian Heller, who sentences her and another woman to be burned at the stake as witches. Amanda manages to escape but must kill her friend to prevent her suffering. She comes after Heller. He escapes, but Amanda vows to kill him the next time.
  • 1720--Amanda travels to the New World and becomes involved with a slave family during the uprising on Haiti. She promises that she will ensure that they and their descendants have their heritage. While aboard the Maria Rose, enroute from Haiti, she drowns with all aboard when the ship is sunk in a hurricane. Papers, which contains the birthright of the family, are lost as is a locket belonging to Amanda.
  • 1727--Returning to the Old World, Amanda has an affair with Mozart. He dropped her for a Concerto in C sharp.
  • circa 1750--Ate a seventeen course dinner with French royalty at Versailles.
  • 1753--Amanda attempts to learn to be a harem dancer as a cover for stealing the sultan's treasure. She is caught and nearly loses her hands. The visiting Duncan MacLeod intervenes and rescues her but is shot by an arrow. Amanda offers to kiss the wound and make it better.
  • 1776--Once more in the New World, Amanda works behind the lines as a camp follower-healer and meets up again with immortal Liam Riley, now a soldier in His Majesty's service. When Liam accidentally shoots a woman attempting to protect her adopted son Sean, who happens to be a pre-immortal, Liam is guilt-ridden. Raised in a religious household, Liam swears that if the woman lives, he will dedicate his life to God. Amanda, who is working on the woman, is able to save her life. Liam, after tossing away his rifle, leaves believing his prayers have been answered. But Sean, who is killed and revives, swears revenge when his mother later dies of her wounds. Amanda does not tell Liam of the woman's death, feeling that his transformation into a holy man is for the best and fearing that the truth will shatter him.
  • 1792--Having returned to France in the middle of its revolution, Amanda is saved from the guillotine by immortal revolutionary Talia Bauer. She swears to one day return the favor.
  • 1804--While in Bavaria living with Duncan MacLeod, Amanda steals the Baron Holstein's treasure and leaves Duncan to deal with the Baron's men while she escapes with new partner, immortal Zachary Blaine.
  • 1815--In London, Amanda's purse is stolen by immortal pickpocket Basil Morgan. She decides not to kill him for his efforts. After all, he might come in handy someday. (Scene first written to be set in 1833.)
  • 1819 or 1820--Amanda steals the Star of India from the Duke of Wellington.
  • 1863--Spends a springtime in Paris with immortal playwrite Marco Becker.
  • 1867--In Manchester, England, Amanda marries immortal Derek Markham who says that way, if caught, they cannot be forced to testify against one another. When Markham kills a kidnap victim, Amanda decides to turn him in to the police.
  • 1888--Amanda shows up in San Francisco, pretending to be French, at the Double Eagle, the saloon of Kit O'Brady. She wins the saloon from him and re-names it The Queen of Spades. She and Duncan MacLeod renew their personal relationship.
  • 1889--The Queen of Spades burns to the ground in a mysterious fire and Amanda vows vengeance on Kit O'Brady whom she believes is the culprit.
  • 1897-- Living in New York, Amanda is involved with the adopted son of immortal silversmith Morgan Kenworthy. When his son is killed, Kenworthy swears eternal revenge on the descendants of his son's killer.
  • December 1903--The Wright brothers successfully manage motorized and controlled airflight. Sometime between this and 1936, Amanda learns to fly a plane.
  • 1906--Having returned to Europe, Amanda attends the Beaux Arts Masquerade Ball and has an encounter with another immortal thief... the lovely Jade. They both wear the same harem girl costume and are both after the same jewel. This was the fourth time in three decades the two thieves had crossed paths. The last time was in Constantinople when Jade acquired the Berninski Ring.
  • 1907--On the China Coast, Amanda trains with immortal Andr Korda
  • 1908--Amanda is involved with young modern artist Antonio Ravelli who uses her as the subject of his greatest work. Ravelli never signed the painting... but Amanda did, forging his name.
  • April 1912--Amanda parties aboard the doomed HMS Titanic and goes down with the ship.
  • 1917--Dressed as French peasant girl, Amanda robs a dispatcher during WWI. Amanda's actions cause the loss of a message that would have saved an American unit. Among the soldiers killed is John Ray Fielding
  • 1921--Duncan and Amanda begin to tour the American southwest as part of a circus act. This is the last time they are together… or so he later assures Tessa.
  • 1926--Upon leaving their circus jobs over a pay dispute, Amanda and Duncan meet immortal bank robber and self-styled Robin Hood, the charming Cory Raines. Amanda decides to join Cory in a "Bonnie & Clyde"-styled series of robberies with Duncan along to dig them up whenever they are shot down in a hail of bullets. With this episode, Amanda evidently steps on Duncan's last nerve.
  • 1936--Posing as a torch singer, Amanda is in Berlin attempting to steal a set of perfectly forged U.S. currency plates. She manages to get the plates, but when the Gestapo become involved, she approaches Duncan MacLeod about getting him to help her. He's involved with smuggling scientists out of Germany and refuses. Amanda doesn't take "No" for an answer and ends up flying the plane and the scientist out of Germany while Duncan holds off the German Army.
  • 1945--Amanda is stood up on a date with Winston Churchill because of VE day. 
  • 1950--While traveling with Duncan MacLeod, Amanda and he meet up with Hugh Fitzcairn for a golf match in Scotland. When the two men discover that Fitz cheated during a previous match that involved whether to steal the Stone of Scone or blow up the King's Armory in 1720, Duncan insists they go after the stone. Amanda misunderstands and thinks the "stone" is a fabulous diamond. She approaches immortal Lord Bernard Crimmons, a former fence, about bankrolling their attempt and promises him a share of the loot. Alas, Amanda discovers the "Stone" is merely a stone. Duncan escapes with it, but when she is caught, she implicates Fitz. Duncan arranges for his friends' release and for the return of the "Stone" with a reasonable cover story using his WWII contacts, and the three immortals return to Scotland for another golf game.
  • 1952--In Warsaw, Amanda steals a vase from a museum for immortal Mario Cordoza and replaces it with one he has given her. When the museum blows up, Amanda realizes that Cardoza has used her to kill mortals... and she's not happy about it.
  • 1954 or 1955--Amanda is a consultant on Alfred Hitchcock's caper To Catch a Thief. She meets Grace Kelly.
  • 1963--Amanda is friends with immortal Marco Becker and his wife Lucy. When Marco is killed by Wilson Geary, Amanda takes the youthful Lucy under her protection. This is the beginning of a long association between the two women.
  • August 20, 1968--While in Prague, Amanda shares a dance, a kiss, and her secret with CIA agent Charlie Johnson in whose arms she dies and revives. They remain fast friends through the years.
  • 1980's--Amanda is once more in the circus with partner Zachary Blaine. They use the circus as a cover for their thievery. Amanda frames Zachary for her murder and he is sent to prison.
  • Nov 1989--Madame Charmen's emerald collection goes missing.
  • July 1993--Monsieur Gustav's yacht is stolen but Amanda is never convicted and never charged.
  • April 1996--The Van Gogh collection is missing more than an ear.
  • 2000--while gambling in Monaco, Amanda suffers several financial setbacks and to recoup her losses, agrees to steal the Star of Athena twice for its owners. She meets again immortal Phillippe Canella and renews a relationship with him.
  • Nov 2007--Amanda and Duncan meet for drinks while in Paris, and renew their relationship. (Skit written by David Abramowitz and performed at VanCon.)
  • 2012--Amanda is captured by a group of mortals who use immortals to fight to the death in an arena. When Duncan MacLeod is also captured, she, Ceirdwyn, and Methos band together with him to escape. When atomic weapons go off in inhabited areas, she and Ceirdwyn help the mortals suffering from radiation poisoning.

For time-line events involving Amanda in the 1990's, please see the Episode Guides at this time. This is a work in progress. Additional flashbacks from Highlander: The Raven will also be added later.

Undated relationships: Amanda knew Charles Goodyear: The relationship went flat. Charles Goodyear (b. 29 Dec 1800 d. 1 Jul 1860) Amanda dated Rodin: He was putty in her hands. Auguste Rodin (b. 12 Nov 1840 d. 17 Nov 1917)

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.