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Andrew Cord


Andrew Cord This timeline is based on The New Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM and the episode Brothers in Arms.

  • 1834--Andrew Cord is born a free man in Boston, MA
  • 1861-1865--The American Civil War is fought. Andrew Cord enlists with the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, commanded by Robert Gould Shaw, a white officer. Cord hopes to fight in defense of his "brothers and sisters" still enslaved in the South, and for the preservation of the Union.
  • 1863--Andrew Cord falls in battle. He is approached by immortal Robert Gould, who becomes his first teacher.
  • 1865-1914--Between wars, Cord drifts as a second class citizen in a society where black men are free... but hardly equal.
  • 1914-1919--World War I is fought. Andrew Cord serves with "Black Jack" Pershing's Negro unit with distinction in this "war to end all wars."
  • 1919-1941--Between the wars, Cord continues to drift, observing that as a rule, equality for blacks is still elusive.
  • 1941-1945--World War II is fought. Cord enlists and serves in Europe determined to fight the good fight and to rid the world of the evil that is Adolph Hitler. He distinguishes himself in battle.
  • 1945-1950--Once again Cord sits on the sidelines of life in America and feels he and others are not getting the recognition they deserve for their sacrifices during wartime.
  • 1950-1952--Cord serves with the U.S. Military in Korea but is becoming increasingly jaded about the rightness of any war. He begins to feel that it is only in the closeness and camaraderie of the military unit that true brotherhood and equality exist.
  • 1952-1963--Cord witnesses the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement, but feels it is too little, too late. It is in war that he will seek true equality.
  • 1968--As Sgt. Andy Cord, he leads the men of Bravo Company, U.S. Marines in Vietnam. A charismatic leader who puts the lives and the safety of his men before all other considerations, he also tends to turn a blind eye to the depravations of some of his men and begins to consider that war exists for men to profit from. Killed in an engagement, he keeps an eye on his men, and when one of them, Joseph "Boy Scout" Dawson steps on a land mine and is gravely injured, he saves his life by carriying him on his back to a MASH unit and then vanishes from sight.
  • 1995-- Andy Cord, gun-runner shows up in the Balkans and sells defective weapons to the insurgents led by Mara Leonin and her lover, Charlie DeSalvo. When Mara discovers what has happened, Cord kills her and Charlie vows revenge.
  • Aug 1995-- While at the Seacouver airport to pick up another arms shipment, Andy Cord senses another immortal arriving on a connector flight. A few moments later he is shot by a sniper, who turns out to be DeSalvo. Cord awakens in a vehicle and is greeted by old friend… Joe Dawson, who apparently knows all about him… and his immortality. Dawson attempts to keep his other immortal friend, Duncan MacLeod and Andy from fighting one another. Things seem to be working until Charlie shows up. Cord kills DeSalvo.
  • 21 Aug 1995--Andy Cord plays his last battlegame at a paint-ball facility against Duncan MacLeod with deadly results. He loses… and MacLeod claims his head.

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.