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Loves of Duncan MacLeod

The Many Loves of Duncan MacLeod
"You will have hundreds of women, but you will never marry, not me, not anyone... MacLeod, you will bury many women, but you will marry none. You will always be alone; do you hear me? Alone!"
~Gypsy Prophecy from The Darkness

Some of the loves of Duncan MacLeod


Present Day
(non-flashback) that were implied or shown.

Season One:
Tessa Noel (entire season)

Season Two:
Tessa Noel (The Watchers, Studies in Light, Turnabout, The Darkness)
Annie Devlin (An Eye for an Eye)
Amanda (The Return of Amanda)
maybe the reporter Beth? (Warmonger)
Nefertiri (Pharoah's Daughter)
Amanda (Legacy)

Lisa Halle (Counterfeit--made to look like Tessa)

Season Three:
Amanda (The Cross of St. Antoine)
Anne Lindsey (on and off from mid-season 3)
Amanda (Finale)

Season Four:
Amanda (Double Eagle, Reunion, The Colonel)
Dominque Davis (Deliverance)
Rachel MacLeod (Promises)
Amanda (Methuselah's Gift, The Immortal Cimoli)

Season Five:
Cassandra (Prophecy)
Amanda (Dramatic License, Money No Object)
Cassandra (Comes a Horseman, Revelation 6:8)
Amanda (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Season Six:
maybe Margo? (Black Tower)
probably Katya? (Justice)
Reagan Cole (Deadly Exposure)
Amanda (To Be, Not To Be)

Faith/Kate (Endgame)

The Source


Flashback Conquests

Season One:
Little Deer (The Gathering)
possibly Niva? (Jewish refugee he was helping Sea Witch)
Grace Chandel (Saving Grace)
Amanda (The Lady and the Tiger)
a whorehouse, the duchess (Eye of the Beholder)

Season Two:
Linda Plager (Studies in Light)
Carmen (The Darkness)
Bess (Epitaph for Tommy)
unnamed woman (The Fighter)
Nora Fontaine (Bless the Child)
probably Katerina Abernov (Warmonger)
Tessa Noel (Counterfeit)

Season Three:
Little Deer (Line of Fire)
possibly a female companion? (Courage)
Sarah Carter (Obsession)
May-Ling Shen (They Also Serve)
Ceirdwyn (Take Back the Night)
Amanda (Finale)

Season Four:
loved from afar Debra Campbell (Homeland)
the Duchess (Leader of the Pack)
Amanda (Double Eagle)
Vashti (The Wrath of Kali)
Kristin (Chivalry)
Louise Barton (Chivalry)
Diane Terrin (The Blitz)

Season Five:
Amanda (Money No Object)
Desiree (The Ransom of Richard Redstone)
loved from afar Theresa del Gloria (Duende)
Amanda (The Stone of Scone)

Season Six:
Kyra (Patient Number 7)
a duke's wife (Deadly Exposure)
probably Regan Cole (Deadly Exposure)
alternate dream Tessa (Not to Be)

Katherine Mary "Kate" Devaney (Endgame)

The Source

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In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.