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Welcome all to my updated "Highlander" fansite. I first became interested in this franchise when I saw the original film starring Christopher Lambert in 1986. The series starring Adrian Paul which ran from 1992-1998, and its spin-off "The Raven" drew me in even further.

I had been doing some fan writing in other franchises for years, and was finally convinced to share some of the stories I'd created for this franchise with other fans. I offer them here, along with my take on the episodes and some canonical time-lines that I've managed to put together. I've also scoured the web for some of the best "Highlander" related sites that I could find.


As 2008 dawns, the fanbase for this franchise awaits a new "Highlander" project... a "Highlander" computer game that is in production. Peter Wingfield lends his voice as Methos to the project.
The Source is now out on DVD, and while not a resounding success, offers some interesting characters and scenarios, besides seeing Duncan, Methos and Joe together one last time.
The comic book series by Dynamite lasted 12 isses and will shortly finish up a 4 issue mini-series. There is no word on any further stories, although the writers remain hopeful.
The Search for Vengeance (the anime) did well and hopefully plans are moving forward to produce another one.
The Peter Wingfield Fan Club will hold its annual convention in Las Vegas in Novemeber. Highlander Worldwide will not have a con this year, but several of the Highlander guests will be appearing at Jumpcons around the country. Check the Jumpcon site for specific information
I continue to write stories for this franchise and hope that you will read and enjoy them. My stories are an homage to the concept of immortals who live amongst us and who have seen the tapestry of history.
Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy my site!

Aella sat drawing patterns in the dust.

Aella (Eleanor) as Methos sees her in Crossroads in Time.

Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Aja, an ancient immortal who is featured in Crossroads of Time, and several other stories in The Eleanor Saga

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Highlander is a registered trademark of Davis-Panzer Productions and nothing on this site in any way is meant to infringe on their property. This is a fan site dedicated to the concept of immortals who live amongst us and no profit will be made by this site.

In the end, all shall be one

In the end, all shall be one.